LSU vs. Clemson: What A National Championship Would Mean For Clemson

LSU vs. Clemson: What A National Championship Would Mean For Clemson


LSU vs. Clemson: What A National Championship Would Mean For Clemson


1. What a College Football Playoff National Championship would really mean for Clemson?

Win this, and would this finally be the moment when Clemson becomes a bigger national sports thing?

Will Clemson finally get more of the respect it has earned?

Being in the ACC is part of the problem. There was no reason to watch Clemson play over the final two months of the season – at least for more than a quarter – with no scintillating matchups to get excited about.

The Big Ten and SEC seasons built each season towards monumental games and events, all while Clemson spent the last few years rolling along to the ACC Championship.

Alabama and LSU were ALWAYS in your face as the 2019 regular season rolled on. Ohio State was a weekly must-watch, Minnesota was a thing, Wisconsin was interesting, Oregon played in a slew of big games, and Oklahoma was in interesting showdowns week after week.

Meanwhile, Clemson was whacking everyone 55ish to 10ish.

So in that way, Dabo Swinney was sort of right. It’s not that the College Football Playoff didn’t want Clemson in the tournament, it’s that America just sort of seemed to forget about it. The promos weren’t there, and the coverage wasn’t flowing because of the consistent greatness.

Clemson made phenomenal performances look routine.

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The program plays a thrilling brand of football with a ton of NFL stars. It’s the team of Deshaun, and now Trevor, and a third national title in four years might finally flip a switch.

If Clemson beats LSU for a third national title for Dabo, an ongoing unbeaten run for Trevor Lawrence, and with a second straight unbeaten, national championship season, does the rock star status start to kick in like it did for Miami during some of its great runs and USC during the Carroll-Leinart-Bush era?

Maybe that’s stretching it – Clemson, South Carolina isn’t Miami or Los Angeles – but a win over LSU would bring a whole new level of attention to Clemson football.

Beat LSU, and it would be a special four-year run that would be among the greatest in history of college football.

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