LSU vs. Clemson Final Thoughts, Predictions, Prop Bets, Totals, What's Going To Happen

LSU vs. Clemson Final Thoughts, Predictions, Prop Bets, Totals, What's Going To Happen

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LSU vs. Clemson Final Thoughts, Predictions, Prop Bets, Totals, What's Going To Happen


LSU vs. Clemson College Football Playoff National Championship Totals, Spreads, Prop Bets

All of these bets/lines coming from BetMGM.

Here’s the call …

– LSU -5.5 vs. Clemson: LSU

With that said, if you really, really like Clemson to win this, GO CRAZY on the prop bets and totals, because that’s where all of the value is. Clemson really is good enough to win this, but the lines across the board are set up for an LSU offensive show.

– Money Line: Clemson +185. LSU is -228 – there’s not enough value there to have any fun. Clemson might be up to +200 by gametime.

LSU -8.5 +160. It’s a good value shot at the stars if Joe Burrow goes off and the SEC Tigers are able to salt this away late. It’s not that crazy to think LSU can win this 38ish – 27ish.

Do NOT mess around with LSU at anything under the -5.5. There’s just no point. -2.5 at -209 isn’t enough oomph. -6.5 isn’t going to get you that much of a bump, either.

Don’t get weird on the mega-shots, either. Yeah, Clemson by 31-36 at a +10000 looks fun, but nah, and there’s no way LSU wins this by 37-42 for +8000. However …

– Out of all of the winning margin bets, here’s the pecking order in terms of value: 1) Clemson by 7-12 at +575
2) LSU by 1-6 +333
3) Clemson by 1-6 +475
4) Clemson by 25-30 at +8000 (juuuuuuuuust in case this is Santa Clara – the Tigers beat Bama by 28, but go way light).

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– The value is there on the high point total. Remember, CFP II – Alabama beat Clemson – got to 74, and CFP III was 68. If BetMGM – or anyone – is going to give the best value at +130 on over 72.5, a 41-34 final isn’t that crazy.

– First Half Money Line: LSU -200, Clemson +140. There’s no point in going LSU here – Clemson should be good enough to get out to a decent start. The better play …

– First Quarter Money Line: Clemson +120. It’s obviously nothing more than a guess, but I like the idea of LSU needing a little bit to get going. The more experienced Clemson team is likely going to be steadier in the first 15 minutes.

– Which team will score the first touchdown? I like LSU -162, but that’s no fun when Clemson is +125. LSU is the call.

– What will the first scoring play be? Clemson field goal +650 is a fantastic value play compared to LSU field goal +300 and LSU and Clemson touchdowns each coming in around +160 depending on where you look.

– First penalty? LSU and Clemson are each at -115. There’s nothing here but a coin-flip guess. LSU gets flagged 5.86 times per game, and Clemson gets nailed 5.57 times. So by the numbers, if you really want to do this, go Clemson.

– Will the team to score the first points win the game? I always like wherever the value is on this bet, and it’s almost always No. Yes is -200, No is +140. There’s going to be lots of scoring in this.

And finally … will the game go into overtime? Yes +1100, No -10000. Obviously, the odds are overwhelming that this won’t go into OT, but a super-small flier on Yes is sort of a fun idea. If this turns into a classic and does go into overtime, then it takes things to a whole other level for you.

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