Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?

Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?

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Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?


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Alabama Season Grade: B

2019 Record: 11-2
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 12-0
CFN Preseason Ranking: 1
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 11
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 15

There weren’t any great wins until the Capital One Bowl second half against Michigan – the Tide were down at halftime – but it was still an 11-2 season, and it still took too pick-six throws against Auburn to keep them out of the College Football Playoff. It’s Bama, so it’s national championship or bust, but by any reasonable standards this was a great season considering Tua Tagovailoa was missing at the end.

Arkansas Season Grade: D-

2019 Record: 2-10
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 5-7
CFN Preseason Ranking: 61
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 86
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 121

The expectations weren’t high, and the team went way lower. The Hogs started 2-1, and it seemed like they’d at least be competitive and occasionally interesting. Nope. They lost three straight each by a touchdown or less, but they dropped their last nine games, fired Chad Morris, and ended up hiring Sam Pittman this offseason to try changing things up.

Auburn Season Grade: B+

2019 Record: 9-4
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 8-4
CFN Preseason Ranking: 12
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 10
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 16

The Tigers beat Alabama. That’s it, that’s all that matters, let’s go take a steam. They also beat Oregon, pushed LSU in a 23-20 loss, and with the other regular season losses coming to Florida and Georgia. The loss to Minnesota in the Outback Bowl was a bad way to close things out, but … they beat Bama.

LSU Season Grade: A+

2019 Record: 15-0
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 10-2
CFN Preseason Ranking: 7
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 1
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 1

It was the all-time dream season. The offense was among the all-time best, the schedule was so hard that it made the unbeaten run among the all-time best, the Heisman-winning quarterback had an all-time great season. The team won the SEC Championship, was unbelievable in against Oklahoma in the Chick-fil-A Peach, and won the national title in New Orleans. That’s pretty good.

Mississippi State Season Grade: C

2019 Record: 6-7
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 8-4
CFN Preseason Ranking: 19
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 60
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 56

There were too many misfires. Losing to Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M and Alabama was fine, but the home loss to Kansas State, the ten points scored in the loss to Tennessee, and the 38-28 loss to Louisville in the Music City stunk. There was a win over Ole Miss, wins in three of the last four regular season games was good, and … Joe Moorhead got whacked after Ole Miss hired Lane Kiffin.

Ole Miss Season Grade: C-

2019 Record: 4-8
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 5-7
CFN Preseason Ranking: 63
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 74
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 99

The Rebels just couldn’t catch any sort of a break. They held the unstoppable Memphis offense to 15 points – and lost. They fought well with five losses by eight points or fewer, screwed up the Egg Bowl loss to Mississippi State, and that was that for the Matt Luke era. In comes the Lane Kiffin experience to try turning this around.

Texas A&M Season Grade: B-

2019 Record: 8-5
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 9-3
CFN Preseason Ranking: 11
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 17
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 52

It went about as well as could be reasonably expected. It would’ve been nice to come up with an upset or two along the way to show that the program is about to make the turn to be among the elite of the elite, but losing at Clemson, to Alabama, at Georgia, at LSU, and to Auburn is acceptable. There weren’t any great wins – taking down an okay Oklahoma State in the Texas Bowl was fine – but just about anyone else would’ve finished the year with well over six losses.

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