Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?

Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?

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Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?


SEC Team Season Grades: East

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SEC Season Grade: B

Here’s the problem. It was an A season for the top eight teams – go ahead and throw in Mississippi State to make it nine – and a barely passing grade for everyone else with South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss and Arkansas having awful years, and Missouri falling late.

Of course, with an 8-2 bowl season, a national champion, five teams finishing in the top 14, it’s hard to be too upset with the league, but there was too big of a divide between the haves and have-nots.

Florida Season Grade: A-

2019 Record: 11-2
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 10-2
CFN Preseason Ranking: 4
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 5
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 20

The Gators couldn’t get past Georgia, but the only other loss was to LSU – that’s as acceptable as it gets. It wasn’t always pretty, but but they got by Miami in hyped up August opener, destroyed Florida State, beat Auburn, and won the Orange Bowl. That’s a good year by any reasonable standards.

Georgia Season Grade: A

2019 Record: 12-2
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 10-2
CFN Preseason Ranking: 3
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 4
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 4

It really, really stinks to be fifth in the College Football Playoff rankings for the second year in a row. The South Carolina loss was embarrassing, but it didn’t matter – the Dawgs beat Florida and got to the SEC Championship. Rolling past Baylor in the Sugar Bowl closed out a great year, even if they weren’t quite able to get into the tournament.

Kentucky Season Grade: B

2019 Record: 8-5
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 7-5
CFN Preseason Ranking: 38
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 26
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 45

Grade this on a curve considering how the team had to pivot after losing starting QB Terry Wilson early on. There wasn’t a passing game, the O was as predictable as any in America, and yet the Cats managed to win their last four games including a thriller over Virginia Tech in the Belk Bowl. All things considered, it was a strong answer to a ten-win 2018 run.

Missouri Season Grade: C+

2019 Record: 6-6
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 8-4
CFN Preseason Ranking: 28
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 63
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 87

It wasn’t quite fair that the team got hit with NCAA sanctions that shouldn’t have been as hard as they were. The 5-1 start made everything look fine, but who loses to Vanderbilt? The offense fell off the map in a five-game losing streak, 6-6 felt empty, and Barry Odom was fired. It wasn’t a lost year, but … it was a lost year.

South Carolina Season Grade: D+

2019 Record: 4-8
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 6-6
CFN Preseason Ranking: 16
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 58
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 70

To be very, very fair, the Gamecocks lost starting QB Jake Bentley early on and had to play Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M and Clemson. They beat the Bulldogs, but they also got destroyed by Missouri, lost five of their last six games, and dropped the date to Appalachian State – good, but it’s a Sun Belt team.

Tennessee Season Grade: B

2019 Record: 8-5
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 7-5
CFN Preseason Ranking: 33
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 25
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 36

It was a rough, rough start with embarrassing collapses against Georgia State and BYU, and the 1-4 run made it look like the season was about to be a total nightmare, but everything turned around. A six-game winning streak to close things out, and a shocking comeback win over Indiana in the Gator Bowl gave the base something to be fired up about going into the offseason.

Vanderbilt Season Grade: D+

2019 Record: 3-9
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 4-8
CFN Preseason Ranking: 62
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 99
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 116

Coming off a bowl season, this was a total thud. There was a stunning win over Missouri, a horrible home blowout loss to UNLV, no offense for most of the year, and too many blowout games that weren’t even competitive. It’s Vanderbilt, so the bar isn’t set all that high, but there was almost no fun whatsoever. There wasn’t even an interesting push against the better teams.

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