Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?

Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?

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Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2019?


Independent Team Season Grades

2019 Team Season Grades
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Independent Season Grade: C

Notre Dame put up a nice year, Liberty won a bowl game, and BYU had its moments. However, Army was a major disappointment, and New Mexico State and UMass were among the nation’s worst teams.

Army Season Grade: D+

2019 Record: 5-8
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 10-3
CFN Preseason Ranking: 77
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 114
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 89

It was a massive step-back season with the hopes of it being a blip – sort of like last year was for Navy. Yeah, the Knights won five games, but two were against FCS teams and the other three were against Rice, UTSA and UMass – three of the nation’s worst teams. There were a slew of close battles along the way, but the 31-7 defeat to Navy wasn’t one of them. The bar is set far higher now.

BYU Season Grade: C+

2019 Record: 7-6
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 7-5
CFN Preseason Ranking: 73
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 71
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 34

After a 2-4 start – with wins over USC and Tennessee – it was a decent season helped by wins over Boise State, Utah State and Boise State to turn things around. However, losing to Utah by 18 to start the season, and dropping the Hawaii Bowl to Hawaii to end it, wasn’t a whole lot of fun. For a program that wants to be among the big boys, losing to four Group of Five teams – really, Toledo and USF? – wasn’t okay.

Liberty Season Grade: B+

2019 Record: 8-5
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 6-6
CFN Preseason Ranking: 116
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 104
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 65

The Flames got to a bowl game … and won it. This was a good team with a light-and-breezy schedule, and it took advantage of the layups. There weren’t any real surprises throughout the season, but the 23-16 win over Georgia Southern in the Cure Bowl meant everything. The grade would’ve been higher if there was just one restaurant-quality regular season win other than beating Buffalo.

New Mexico State Season Grade: D

2019 Record: 2-10
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 1-11
CFN Preseason Ranking: 129
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 126
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 127

Really, New Mexico State? You couldn’t beat Liberty one of the two times? You couldn’t get by New Mexico? To be fair, outside of the loss to the Lobos, there weren’t any defeats that were that shocking, but the two wins were over Incarnate Word and UTEP. There should’ve been a third victory somewhere.

Notre Dame Season Grade: B+

2019 Record: 11-2
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 9-3
CFN Preseason Ranking: 15
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 13 
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 12

America sort of forgot about the Fighting Irish after the blowout loss to Michigan in late October, but this turned into a terrific team that got better as the season went on. It closed out with six straight wins, dominated Iowa State in the Camping World Bowl, and overall had a great year with wins over Louisville, Virginia, Virginia Tech and USC. But that 45-14 clunker to the Wolverines … that dragged the grade down a wee bit.

UMass Season Grade: D-

2019 Record: 1-11
CFN 2019 Prediction
: 1-11
CFN Preseason Ranking: 128
CFN Final Opinion Ranking
: 129
CFN 2019 Season Ranking: 130

Just … ouch. Walt Bell couldn’t get anything going in his first year, with the only win coming against an Akron team that went winless. The defense was at a whole other level of awful with blowout losses to Southern Illinois UConnn, and everyone else along the way. All 11 losses were by 21 points or more.

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