College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final

College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final

CFN Rankings

College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final


College Football News Rankings 2019 Final
130-101 | 76-100 | 51-75 | 26-50 | 11-25

10. Auburn Tigers (9-4)

Final Regular Season Ranking: 6
Why Ranked Here? The final ranking might be top five had the Tigers beaten Minnesota. The other losses? LSU, Florida and Georgia.

9. Penn State Nittany Lions (11-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 17
Final Regular Season Ranking
: 13
Why Ranked Here? The Minnesota loss keeps the Nittany Lions from moving up any more, even with close wins over Iowa and Michigan. The win over Memphis in the Cotton Bowl was okay, but beating a Group of Fiver isn’t like beating Auburn …

8. Minnesota Golden Gophers (11-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 43
Final Regular Season Ranking: 12
Why Ranked Here? Auburn, Auburn, Auburn. The Gophers’ Outback win over the Tigers – along with win over Penn State – pushes them this high.

7. Wisconsin Badgers (10-4)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 18
Final Regular Season Ranking: 11
Why Ranked Here? The Illinois loss is a problem, but that was a total aberration. The dominant win at Minnesota is everything. The two losses to Ohio State and Rose Bowl loss to Oregon are fine, and blowing away Michigan helped.

6. Oregon Ducks (11-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 10
Final Regular Season Ranking: 7
Why Ranked Here? Oregon beat Wisconsin, who beat Minnesota, who beat Auburn … but the Duck Pac-12 Championship over Utah and Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin overcome the season-opening loss to the Tigers.

5. Florida Gators (11-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 4
Final Regular Season Ranking: 5
Why Ranked Here? Florida beat Auburn. Oregon didn’t. The only losses were to LSU and Georgia, and both were away from Gainesville. The Gators didn’t have too many amazing wins, but they took down Auburn by 11 and won the Sugar Bowl over Virginia.

4. Georgia Bulldogs (12-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 3
Final Regular Season Ranking: 4
Why Ranked Here? There might have been a loss to South Carolina, but wins over Notre Dame, Florida, at Auburn, and in the Sugar Bowl to Baylor helped make up for that. There’s no dogging the SEC Championship loss to LSU.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes (13-1)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 6
Final Regular Season Ranking: 2
Why Ranked Here? The no-brainer No. 3 team, it beat Wisconsin twice, rolled through an unbeaten regular season, and only got knocked out in a thriller of a loss to Clemson.

2. Clemson Tigers (14-1)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 2
Final Regular Season Ranking: 3
Why Ranked Here? There weren’t any wins over anyone who was all that great until getting by Ohio State, but the Tigers got into the College Football Playoff national championship. They did something right.

1. LSU Tigers (15-0)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 7
Regular Season Final Ranking: 1
Why Ranked Here: The overall body of work is staggering. At Texas, at Alabama, Georgia in the SEC Championship, Florida, Auburn, Oklahoma – it was one of the greatest runs of all-time.

College Football News Rankings 2019 Final
130-101 | 76-100 | 51-75 | 26-50 | 11-25

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