College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final

College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final

CFN Rankings

College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final


College Football News Rankings 2019 Final
130-101 | 76-100 | 51-75 | 26-50 | Top 10

25. Tennessee Volunteers (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 33
Final Regular Season Ranking: 35
Why Ranked Here? Well that’s how you close things out. It was a weird first half of the season, but the Vols finished with five straight wins including an amazing comeback to beat Indiana. The losses to Georgia State and BYU to kick things off are well in the rearview mirror.

24. Navy Midshipmen (11-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 105
Final Regular Season Ranking: 29
Why Ranked Here? The Midshipmen lost on the road to Memphis, on the road to Notre Dame, and to … that’s it. They handed Air Force and SMU losses, and showed up large against Kansas State in the Liberty.

23. Virginia Cavaliers (9-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 27
Final Regular Season Ranking: 19
Why Ranked Here? Beating Virginia Tech pushed the Cavaliers to the No. 2 spot, an at least battling with Florida helped make up for the misfire midseason losses to Miami and Louisville.

22. Cincinnati Bearcats (11-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 64
Final Regular Season Ranking: 24
Why Ranked Here? The three losses were to Memphis twice, at Ohio State, and that’s it. Destroying UCLA to start the season and Boston College to end it made it a great year.

21. Memphis Tigers (12-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 66
Final Regular Season Ranking: 20
Why Ranked Here? Give them credit for getting by Navy, Tulane, and Cincinnati twice, but giving up 53 points to Penn State in the Cotton with a chance to make a massive statement was a dud.

20. Utah Utes (11-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 20
Final Regular Season Ranking: 18
Why Ranked Here? It was all there for the taking, and Utah gacked it away, getting blown out in the losses to Oregon and Texas to close things out. The best win was … Washington? There were a lot of wins over a lot of whatever.

19. USC Trojans (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 36
Final Regular Season Ranking: 17
Why Ranked Here? What the hell was that? USC was closing out strong with five wins in the last six games – the lone loss to Oregon – and got rocked by Iowa in the Holiday.

18. Texas Longhorns (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 9
Final Regular Season Ranking: 26
Why Ranked Here? It was a weird year that never got a shot moving, but blowing out Utah in the Alamo Bowl changed the narrative. Out of the five, the loss to LSU was the only home defeat.

17. Texas A&M Aggies (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 11
Final Regular Season Ranking: 19
Why Ranked Here? Yeah, yeah, yeah, five losses, five losses, five losses. At Clemson, Alabama, Auburn, at Georgia, at LSU. At least 100 teams would have at least five losses with this slate. It would’ve been nice to have a bigger win than Oklahoma State, but it’ll have to do.

16. Baylor Bears (11-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 48
Final Regular Season Ranking: 10
Why Ranked Here? The three losses were to Oklahoma twice and to Georgia, playing well in all three games. And the big win was against … ? There were enough decent Big 12 wins – the Bears beat Oklahoma State by more than Texas A&M did – to keep the slide from falling any further.

15. Oklahoma Sooners (12-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 5
Final Regular Season Ranking: 9
Why Ranked Here? The Sooners suffer from a miserable Big 12 bowl season dragging everyone else down. Where’s the big win? Baylor? Texas? Everyone ranked higher has at least one restaurant-quality victory.

14. Iowa Hawkeyes (10-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 13
Final Regular Season Ranking: 16
Why Ranked Here? The three losses? At Michigan, Penn State, and Wisconsin, all by a grand total of 14 points. The blowout win over USC and close victory over Minnesota were a terrific boost.

13. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (11-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 15
Final Regular Season Ranking: 15
Why Ranked Here? 45-14 … 45-14 … 45-14. Notre Dame played like a top ten team over the second half of the season, and the loss at Georgia was more than acceptable, but there’s no way to boost the ranking past …

12. Michigan Wolverines (9-4)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 8 
Final Regular Season Ranking
: 14
Why Ranked Here? The four losses? At Wisconsin, at Penn State, Ohio State, in the Citrus Bowl to Alabama. That’s okay, but 45-14 over Notre Dame – it’s a clean ranking to put the Wolverines over the Irish, who can’t be ranked any lower.

11. Alabama Crimson Tide (11-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 1
Final Regular Season Ranking: 8
Why Ranked Here? The win over Michigan might not be seen as that special, but it still deserves a little respect. Everything else worked, but the loss to Auburn is a hard ceiling that keeps the Tide out of the top ten.

College Football News Rankings 2019 Final
130-101 | 76-100 | 51-75 | 26-50 | Top 10

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