College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final

College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final

CFN Rankings

College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final


College Football News Rankings 2019 Final
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50. Illinois Fighting Illini (6-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 65
Final Regular Season Ranking: 48
Why Ranked Here? Here’s the problem with Illinois. Wins are wins are wins, but it took major miracles to pull off the shockers against Wisconsin and Michigan State. They count, though. Losing three straight to close things out – who loses to Northwestern 29-10? – soured the bowl experience. The Illini got to the Redbox, but were predictably dropped by Cal.

49. Miami Hurricanes (6-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 22
Final Regular Season Ranking: 38
Why Ranked Here? The Hurricanes finished the season with a blowout win over Louisville, and then dropped two of their last three games against Conference USA teams, and once to Duke. The finishing kick erased all the positives.

48. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (10-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 94
Final Regular Season Ranking: 90
Why Ranked Here? The late-season losses to UAB and Marshall were thanks to a few key suspensions. Shutting out Miami 14-0 in the Independence Bowl made everything right, but … that was it. The other nine losses were too fluffy.

47. TCU Horned Frogs (5-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 21
Final Regular Season Ranking: 37
Why Ranked Here? : Closing out with four losses in the last five games – and six in the last eight – turned what should’ve been a much stronger season sour. There’s no excuse for losing at home to West Virginia with bowl eligibility on the line. It’s here because of a home loss to …

46. SMU Mustangs (10-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 84
Final Regular Season Ranking: 34
Why Ranked Here? It all ended with a thud in the Boca Raton loss to Florida Atlantic, but wins over Tulane and Temple set up the thriller of a national showcase game in the loss to Memphis. All three losses – Navy was the other – were to top Group of Five teams.

45. Florida Atlantic Owls (11-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 85
Final Regular Season Ranking: 76
Why Ranked Here? There was a home loss to Marshall. That was it. Getting rocked by Ohio State and UCF? Okay – cost of doing business. The Owls destroyed just about everyone else, even if there weren’t any great wins until the blowout over SMU in the Boca Raton.

44. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (10-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 89
Final Regular Season Ranking: 41
Why Ranked Here? Ten wins and a bowl victory? Just when it seemed like the season was going to sink into the abyss, Hawaii roared with four straight wins on the way to get to the Mountain West title game. Outside of a loss to Fresno State, the defeats were fine.

43. Indiana Hoosiers (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 59
Final Regular Season Ranking: 54
Why Ranked Here? IU lost three of its last four, and suffered a brutally painful loss to Tennessee in the Gator Bowl, but it came up with eight wins, got by Purdue, and won the games it was supposed to. There weren’t any wins over bowl teams.

42. North Carolina Tar Heels (7-6)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 67
Final Regular Season Ranking: 43
Why Ranked Here? After some rough years, a winning season with a blowout Military Bowl victory over Temple was great. The big win – outside of the bowl – was … ? Miami was it, but that was offset with losses to Appalachian State and …

41. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 57
Final Regular Season Ranking: 42
Why Ranked Here? An amazing 7-1 start fizzled out losing four of the last five games, including to Syracuse. This was still a decent team with wins over North Carolina and Florida State, but that was it for the decent victories.

40. Washington Huskies (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 23
Final Regular Season Ranking: 45
Why Ranked Here? Ugh. It closed well with blowouts over Washington State and in the Las Vegas Bowl over Boise State, but losing to Colorado and Stanford was inexcusable. Losing to Cal in the Pac-12 opener set a bad tone.

39. Michigan State Spartans (7-6)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 14
Final Regular Season Ranking: 53
Why Ranked Here? It wasn’t a disaster, but it was a major disappointment overall. However, winning the last three games – including the Pinstripe Bowl – helped. Gagging to Illinois and getting blown out by Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Penn State hurt.

38. Cal Golden Bears (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 45
Final Regular Season Ranking: 44
Why Ranked Here? Cal’s win the Redbox Bowl over the Illinois team that stunned Michigan State. QB Chase Garbers injury issues make some of the losses a bit forgivable for a team that won four of its last five games.

37. Arizona State Sun Devils (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 30
Final Regular Season Ranking: 51
Why Ranked Here? Wins over Cal and Michigan State helped to offset bad losses to Oregon State and UCLA. Taking out Oregon – and keeping it from the College Football Playoff – and winning the Sun Bowl over Florida State made the year.

36. Louisville Cardinals (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 58
Final Regular Season Ranking: 40
Why Ranked Here? Who cares that the season was a bit herky-jerky? After 2018, going 8-5 with a bowl win over Mississippi State was FANTASTIC. Wins over Virginia, WKU and Wake Forest overcome losses to Florida State and Miami.

35. UCF Knights (10-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 39
Final Regular Season Ranking: 32
Why Ranked Here? There were a few good wins, and getting to ten victories was nice, but the losses to Tulsa and Pitt keep the Knights down. Even so, the Knights were seven points away from being unbeaten.

34. Pitt Panthers (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 56
Final Regular Season Ranking: 31
Why Ranked Here? The September win over UCF and October win over North Carolina were just enough to overcome a disastrous finish. Losing to Boston College was embarrassing, but needing to push so hard to beat Eastern Michigan in the Quick Lane was almost worse.

33. Iowa State Cyclones (7-6)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 29
Final Regular Season Ranking: 28
Why Ranked Here? The team just never found itself. There was a win over Texas, and that was it. Everything else was against the mediocre, and getting rimrocked by Kansas State and Notre Dame to close things out hurt the ranking.

32. Kansas State Wildcats (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 22
Final Regular Season Ranking: 27
Why Ranked Here? It was a solid first season under Chris Klieman, but losing three of the last five games including at home to West Virginia and in the Liberty Bowl against Navy soured things a bit.

31. Oklahoma State Cowboys (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 24
Final Regular Season Ranking: 25
Why Ranked Here? There’s just nothing there. Wins over Kansas State and Iowa State just aren’t enough to get excited about. The loss to Texas A&M in the Texas Bowl wasn’t bad, but it was a disappointing end to a disappointing season.

30. Appalachian State Mountaineers (13-1)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 74
Final Regular Season Ranking: 33
Why Ranked Here? The two wins over Louisiana were nice, and the New Orleans Bowl victory over UAB was great, but beating North Carolina and South Carolina on the road – along with the 13-1 record – provided the boost. The Georgia Southern home loss, though, is the problem.

29. Air Force Falcons (11-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 106
Final Regular Season Ranking: 30
Why Ranked Here? On an eight-game winning streak to close things out, the Falcons managed to get stronger as the year went on. Coming up with their second win over a Pac-12 team – winning at Colorado early, and over Washington State in the Cheez-It – made the year amazing.

28. Boise State Broncos (12-2)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 60
Final Regular Season Ranking: 23
Why Ranked Here? Let’s not blow off an entire season full of good things with one total clunker of a bowl. Getting blown out by Washington in the Las Vegas was embarrassing, but beating Florida State, Air Force and winning the Mountain West title were enough to finish with a decent ranking.

27. Virginia Tech Hokies (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 37
Final Regular Season Ranking: 22
Why Ranked Here? The Hokies were this close to a massive year, but it was solid overall after losing to Boston College and Duke back in September. There weren’t any great wins, but three close wins from October on were okay.

26. Kentucky Wildcats (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 38
Final Regular Season Ranking: 39
Why Ranked Here? The thrilling win over Virginia Tech in the Belk helped the final ranking, but losing to Mississippi State and South Carolina on the road back in September holds things back.

College Football News Rankings 2019 Final
130-101 | 76-100 | 51-75 | 26-50 | Top 10

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