College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final

College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final

CFN Rankings

College Football News Rankings 1-130: 2019 Final


College Football News Rankings 2019 Final
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75. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-9)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 50
Final Regular Season Ranking: 75
Why Ranked Here? There was just enough to keep the transition season from being a total disaster. Beating USF, Miami and NC State were just enough to provide a little fun, but losing to the Citadel was awful.

74. Ole Miss Rebels (4-8)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 63
Final Regular Season Ranking: 64
Why Ranked Here? At least the team gets Lane Kiffin out of the deal. Beating Arkansas, SE Louisiana, Vanderbilt and New Mexico State were the wins in a year that ended in the most appropriate of ways.

73. Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 42
Final Regular Season Ranking: 73
Why Ranked Here? Really, Nebraska? The two wins over the final eight games were to Northwestern and Maryland. There were plenty of close losses, but the best win was over Illinois. This Scott Frost thing is going great.

72. Purdue Boilermakers (4-8)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 51
Final Regular Season Ranking: 72
Why Ranked Here? Injuries were a killer as the season went on, with the passing game taking too many massive hits. The four wins were against miserable Vanderbilt, Maryland, Nebraska and Northwestern teams, but at least the team was competitive against several of the better teams.

71. BYU Cougars (7-6)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 73
Final Regular Season Ranking: 71
Why Ranked Here? One of the nation’s most uneven teams, it beat Tennessee and USC, and lost to Utah and Told. It beat Boise State, and lost the Hawaii Bowl to Hawaii and dropped the day on the road to …

70. San Diego State Aztecs (10-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 70
Final Regular Season Ranking: 70
Why Ranked Here? Say this – they had a style. The Aztecs lost three games to Utah State, Hawaii and Nevada by a total of 12 points, but had no issues against UCLA and most of the rest of the Mountain West in low-scoring game after low-scoring game. And then it ripped up Central Michigan in the New Mexico Bowl.

69. Texas Tech Red Raiders (4-8)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 49
Final Regular Season Ranking: 68
Why Ranked Here? Wins over Oklahoma State and West Virginia showed off just enough hope to think the team was okay. It wasn’t. The Red Raiders lost to too many mediocre-to-bad teams, including Kansas and Arizona.

68. Boston College Eagles (6-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 54
Final Regular Season Ranking: 66
Why Ranked Here? You figure out this goofy season. The team that started out with a win over Virginia Tech got destroyed by Kansas. Good enough to beat Pitt and at least get to a bowl game, it didn’t show up in a Birmingham Bowl loss to Cincinnati.

67. Kansas Jayhawks (3-9)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 71
Final Regular Season Ranking: 74
Why Ranked Here? It’s going to take a little while to get this going. Out of the blue, the Jayhawks blew out Boston College on the road, beat Texas Tech, and should’ve beaten Texas, but the O fizzled against just about everyone else, including Coastal Carolina.

66. Arizona Wildcats (4-8)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 41
Final Regular Season Ranking: 67
Why Ranked Here? It all looked so promising. The Wildcats lost a thriller to Hawaii to open things up, won four straight, and then … thanks for playing. There wasn’t anything pretty the rest of the way in a seven-game losing streak.

65. West Virginia Mountaineers (5-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 45
Final Regular Season Ranking: 65
Why Ranked Here? The only reason this ranking didn’t sink further into the abyss were the wins over Kansas State and TCU on the road over the last three games. Getting beaten up by Texas Tech wasn’t forgivable.

64. Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns (11-3)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 95
Final Regular Season Ranking: 77
Why Ranked Here? There wasn’t any really good win – beating four mediocre bowl teams before taking down MAC champ Miami University in the Mobile Alabama – but the losses were to Mississippi State in the opener and twice to Appalachian State.

63. Missouri Tigers (6-6)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 28
Final Regular Season Ranking: 63
Why Ranked Here? For a team on NCAA sanctions, this wasn’t all that bad – at least, for everyone not Barry Odom. There wasn’t a win over a team that went bowling, and a bit of a pall was placed over the season starting out with a loss to …

62. Wyoming Cowboys (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 91
Final Regular Season Ranking: 62
Why Ranked Here? Give Wyoming credit for knowing who it was. It beat the bad teams on the slate, lost to Tulsa and several of the good ones, and closed out with a win over Georgia State.

61. Tulane Green Wave (7-6)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 81
Final Regular Season Ranking: 60
Why Ranked Here? The season might have been in a freewill losing five of the last six games and with the only win over a bowl team coming against FIU in the opener, but the Green Wave took down Southern Miss easily in the Armed Forces.

60. Mississippi State Bulldogs (6-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 19
Final Regular Season Ranking: 57
Why Ranked Here? There were a few solid wins on the slate, taking down Kentucky, Louisiana and Southern Miss,  but losses to Tennessee and in the Music City Bowl to Louisville pushed the door open for the Mike Leach era.

59. Stanford Cardinal (4-8)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 35
Final Regular Season Ranking: 55
Why Ranked Here? What was that? The Cardinal showed there was just enough talent in place to stun Washington, but that was about it with the only other FBS wins coming to Oregon State and Arizona. It was one of the year’s most disappointing teams.

58. South Carolina Gamecocks (4-8)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 16
Final Regular Season Ranking: 56
Why Ranked Here? The schedule was brutal, but the Gamecocks were still able to beat Georgia and Kentucky in back-to-back weeks. Vanderbilt and Charleston Southern were the other wins – yippee.

57. Florida State Seminoles (6-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 36
Final Regular Season Ranking: 52
Why Ranked Here? Considering Willie Taggart got canned in early November, the team salvaged something out of the year with a bowl trip – and loss – to Arizona State in the Sun. There was a win over Louisville – that’s it for the highlights for a team that struggled in four close losses that could’ve changed the season.

56. Colorado Buffaloes (5-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 44
Final Regular Season Ranking: 50
Why Ranked Here? The first year under Mel Tucker was a good set-up for what’s coming. The Buffs had USC … and lost. They had Arizona and Air Force … and lost. Good enough to beat Arizona State and Washington, they also got rocked by Oregon and Utah.

55. Oregon State Beavers (5-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 68
Final Regular Season Ranking: 47
Why Ranked Here? After so much pain, a five-win season with victories over Cal, Arizona State, UCLA and Arizona along the was was a success. However, losing to Washington State with bowl eligibility there for the taking wasn’t okay.

54. Temple Owls (8-5)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 80
Final Regular Season Ranking: 36
Why Ranked Here? Seriously, Temple? With wins over Memphis and Tulane – along with a 15-13 loss to Cincinnati – this was an easy team to get behind, and then came the 55-13 loss to North Carolina in the Military to close things out.

53. Duke Blue Devils (5-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 52
Final Regular Season Ranking: 58
Why Ranked Here? The 3-1 start with a win over Virginia Tech quickly fizzled, but a winnower Miami to close out the regular season helped make all the late season blowouts look a bit better.

52. Washington State Cougars (6-7)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 32
Final Regular Season Ranking: 46
Why Ranked Here? You beat as many bowl teams as Washington State did. The Cougars took down a whole slew of bad teams, and lost to all the decent ones. The schedule wasn’t that bad, and it was still a struggle before losing to a Group of Five program – Air Force – in the Cheez-It.

51. UCLA Bruins (4-8)

CFN Preseason Preview Ranking: 34
Final Regular Season Ranking: 49
Why Ranked Here? The Bruins pulled off a win in the best game of the season – getting by Washington State 67-63 – and there was a three-game winning streak that seemed like the wheels were in motion … nah. Losing to Arizona and Oregon State wasn’t a plus.

College Football News Rankings 2019 Final
130-101 | 76-100 | 26-50 | 11-25 | Top 10

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