College Football Head Coaches: Ranking All 130 Seasons 2019

College Football Head Coaches: Ranking All 130 Seasons 2019

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College Football Head Coaches: Ranking All 130 Seasons 2019


100. Mike Leach, Washington State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 50
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 23
2019 Record: 6-7

Leach’s Cougars started out 3-0, went 3-7 the rest of the way even with one of the nation’s most devastating offenses, it finished the year with a double-digit loss to a Group of Five team – Air Force – and without a win over a team that went bowling. Apparently, that was enough to land the Mississippi State head coaching job.

99. David Shaw, Stanford

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 32
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 37
2019 Record: 4-8

To be extremely fair, his team was absolutely decimated by injuries, including to QB KJ Costello right out of the gate. He was able to work miracles to beat Washington 23-13, but that was about it. This was a team that should’ve been in the hunt for a whole lot more in the North – even with all of the problems – and it wasn’t even close.

98. Jason Candle, Toledo

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 29
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 77
2019 Record: 6-6

The Toledo offensive never showed up. After two straight mediocre years – including the indignity of getting to six wins and not receiving a bowl invite – things are trending down. Losing the last three games of the season with a team that was good enough to beat BYU on the way to a 6-3 start will do that.

97. David Cutcliffe, Duke

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 64
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 44
2019 Record: 5-7

He’s still a brilliant coach, obviously, but his team clunked. After a 4-2 start with the offense rolling, the attack didn’t adjust or have any answers with five straight losses including a 49-6 home disaster to Syracuse. A win over Miami was too little, too late.

96. Thomas Hammock, Northern Illinois

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2019 Record: 5-7

The 2018 MAC champion sputtered with an offense that couldn’t do anything against anyone but the truly sad. Give the team credit for fighting through a lost season with a win in the season-ender to screw up Western Michigan, but with bowl eligibility still in play, a 45-17 loss at home to Eastern Michigan ended that.

95. Will Muschamp, South Carolina

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 17
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 93
2019 Record: 4-8

Yeah, the schedule was brutal, and yeah, he lost his starting quarterback early on. That meant the team had to be perfect in all of the winnable games. USC got the shocker over Georgia, and it still only won four games, with losses to North Carolina, Missouri and Appalachian State along the way. The team just never got better.

94. Charlie Strong, USF

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 35
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 98
2019 Record: 4-8

It was a great start going 7-0 in 2018, but Strong went 4-14 the rest of the way before getting fired. He tried, though. He changed up the offensive system, and it didn’t work. The defense couldn’t hold on when the O wasn’t doing its job, and after a 4-4 start, the team missed out on a bowl game. Welcome to the Jeff Scott era.

93. Willie Taggart/Odell Haggins

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 88
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 101
2019 Record: 6-7

Can we split this up a bit? To be fair, Taggart came to FSU as the type of coach who knows how to rebuild programs, and he didn’t get enough of a chance. He got fired in early November, even though he had a better record in the same amount of games as Scott Frost did at the time at Nebraska.

However, the dehydration excuse for the loss to Boise State wasn’t okay, and the dud of an effort by the team in the loss to Miami led to the firing. Haggins, though, deserves to be ranked higher for what he did to right the shop for two wins, get the team bowl eligible in a lost year.

92. Geoff Collins, Georgia Tech

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 49 (at Temple)
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 63 (at Temple)
2019 Record: 3-9

Of course there was supposed to be an adjustment period after switching up from the Paul Johnson offensive style, but it shouldn’t have been that big a pain. These were still ACC players, and yet nothing seemed to work on the was to just 200 points. Most of the losses were fine, but getting blown out by Duke wasn’t okay, losing to The Citadel was awful, and Collins losing to his old Temple team 24-2 was embarrassing.

91. Chip Lindsey, Troy

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2019 Record: 5-7

There was going to be an adjustment, but Lindsey inherited a team that went 10-3 last season and couldn’t get Troy bowl eligible. There was one decent win – Georgia Southern – and the defense failed time and again, including losses to Georgia State and Coastal Carolina.

90. Matt Viator, ULM

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 97
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 69
2019 Record: 5-7

The defense never figured it out. That was expected to a point, but the offense was supposed to overcome the problems. There wasn’t any one loss that was all that shocking, but it was the way the Warhawks lost time and again in key spots. There needed to be one big win to get bowl eligible, and the team couldn’t get it.

89. Jay Hopson, Southern Miss

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 58
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 71
2019 Record: 7-6

Southern Miss should’ve at least been playing for the Conference USA title. The talent was there on both sides of the ball, the season started great with a 7-3 run, and then came the two losses in the games it needed to win – WKU and Florida Atlantic. Throw in the lack of answers in the Armed Forces Bowl loss to Tulane once injuries hit, and it was a disappointing run.

88. Jeff Monken, Army

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 2
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 1
2019 Record: 5-8

Not every season can be special. The systems are still in place, and Monken isn’t any less a coach than he was last year when he finished No. 1 on this list. However, his team didn’t have a great year, two of the five wins came against FCS teams, and the other three wins came against some of the season’s worst FCSers. Throw in the 31-7 loss to Navy, and it was a rough run.

87. Gary Andersen, Utah State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 128 (at Oregon State)
2018 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2019 Record: 7-6

Yeah, Utah State went to a bowl game, and yeah, it was a winning season, but Andersen returned to his old gig with an NFL first round-caliber quarterback in Jordan Love and the season went nowhere. Giving up 51 points to Kent State in a Frisco Bowl loss was a microcosm of the campaign.

86. Mike Houston, East Carolina

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2019 Record: 4-8

No, Houston’s team didn’t do anything special in his first year at the helm – he beat two FCS teams along with Old Dominion and UConn squads that did nothing – but it sure was a whole lot of fun late in the year. The Pirates didn’t have a D, but they pushed Cincinnati and SMU to the brink.

85. Jay Norvell, Nevada

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 102
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 42
2019 Record: 7-6

There wasn’t any consistency whatsoever. He got the team to a bowl game in Year Three, and it was a winning season, but the Nevada head coach can’t lose at home to a bad UNLV team, and dropping the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl to Ohio wasn’t okay.

84. Matt Luke, Ole Miss

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 30
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 83
2019 Record: 4-8

Luke caught a bit of a bad break getting fired, but there was no stopping the Lane Train with Kiffin being available for the taking. The offense was interesting – it gave LSU a big-time fight – but losing five of the last six games and the disastrous finish in the loss to Mississippi State made it time for a change.

83. Les Miles, Kansas

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2019 Record: 3-9

At the end of the day, Kansas went 3-9 – just like it did under David Beaty last season. However, with a blowout win at Boston College, and good battles against West Virginia, Texas, and Iowa State, there were signs of a turnaround. If it’s possible to have a decent 3-9 season, Miles did it.

82. Jamey Chadwell, Coastal Carolina

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2019 Record: 5-7

Good enough to stun Kansas, Chadwell’s Chanticleer team lost six of its next seven games when it had chance after chance to stay alive in the bowl hunt. There weren’t any truly bad losses, and it’s Coastal Carolina – it wasn’t a bad season. However, for a second straight season, the program couldn’t get that one extra win.

81. Mike Neu, Ball State

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 119
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 88
2019 Record: 5-7

It was a huge disappointment to lose four straight games to blow its shot at a bowl game, but despite the transfer of the QB Riley Neal and RB James Gilbert, the team put up a solid 5-7 season. Neu had a losing season, but in terms of competitiveness, it was a positive step forward.

80. Neal Brown, West Virginia

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 20
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 32
2019 Record: 5-7

This isn’t quite fair. Brown didn’t inherit a full cupboard from Dana Holgorsen, and yet the team kept fighting with wins over Kansas State and TCU in the final three games. The five-game midseason losing streak was a problem, and West Virginia should’ve been bowling, but let’s see what he does this year now that he has had time in the system. Remember, he went 4-8 in his first year at Troy, and went 10-3 in Year Two.

79. Frank Solich, Ohio

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 65
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 55
2019 Record: 7-6

Like several other MAC teams, there was a great chance here to do something great, and Ohio didn’t do it. It wasn’t the year Solich should’ve had – the Bobcats should’ve at least played for the MAC title – but a winning season and Famous Idaho Potato Bowl over Nevada wasn’t all that bad.

78. Tim Lester, Western Michigan

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 100
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 72
2019 Record: 7-6

There was a big misfire against Northern Illinois with the MAC West on the line, but his team came up with a solid offensive season and won seven games on the way to a bowl again. It would’ve been nice to have done more with this team in year with a missed opportunity, but he’s doing a solid job with the program.

77. Butch Davis, FIU

2017 Final Coach Ranking: 41
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 31
2019 Record: 6-7

It was a disappointing season considering FIU was supposed to be deeper in the Conference USA title hunt, but the team still went bowling. Davis losing to Florida Atlantic in another blowout was defining, but a win over Miami helped gloss over a disastrous second half of the year.

76. Mike Bloomgren, Rice

2017 Final Coach Ranking: Not Ranked
2018 Final Coach Ranking: 95
2019 Record: 3-9

Just when it seemed like it was going to be an even worse season than the 2-11 first campaign, his Owls rallied late. An 0-9 start ended with a 3-9 record. They were competitive for most of the year, and they never quit. Now there’s a bit of positive momentum going into the offseason.

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