Big 12 Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know

Big 12 Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know

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Big 12 Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know


1. 2020 Big 12 schedule winners and losers

The Big 12 appeared to go out of its way to make the schedules as fair as possible, except for one key issue – those open dates.

Obviously in a nine-game Big 12 season, getting a week off to rest up before a big conference showdown is huge. So …

Winner: Kansas. It’s one of the three teams that doesn’t play any Big 12 team coming off a two-week break. It gets its week off on Halloween before the four-game November finishing kick, and it gets Texas at home. It has five Big 12 road games, but one is at Kansas State and another is against Baylor early on.

Winner: Oklahoma State. It’s one of the other teams that doesn’t catch any Big 12 team with two weeks of rest. It does have to play three road games in four weeks, but one of them is at Kansas, and another is a few miles away at Oklahoma. It only leaves Oklahoma twice until November.

And to finish this off …

Winner: West Virginia. It’s the third team that doesn’t play a rested Big 12 team. Throw in the its own week off to prepare for the home date against Oklahoma, five conference home games, and with out two road games in a row, and Neal Brown has the best break of all the league schedules.

Loser: Kansas State. It’s the only Big 12 team that has to play two teams coming off two weeks of rest. One of them is Texas, and the other is a road game at Iowa State.

To be fair, the Wildcats get that week off, too, before playing the Cyclones on  a Thursday night, but it still stinks. Five of the last nine games are on the road, including dates at Oklahoma and Baylor in the last three weeks.

Loser: Baylor. Not only do the Bears play five Big 12 road games, but they have to go to Texas and Oklahoma, and they have a run of three road games in four weeks in the second half of the season. In that mix are five road games in seven dates. No other Big 12 team plays both the Sooners and Longhorns on the road.

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