ACC Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know

ACC Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know


ACC Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know


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ACC football schedule 2020 – what are the five things you need to know? What are the five things that matter?

ACC Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know

Does Clemson play anyone?
The Notre Dame factor?
The big non-conference games
Interdivision – who misses Clemson?
ACC schedule winners, losers

5. Does Clemson play anyone good this year?

It’s not fair, and yet it’s part of the equation.

Clemson doesn’t have to play in the SEC West or Big Ten East, and it’s been a huge plus over the last two seasons with easy breezy runs right on through to the College Football Playoff. However, it’s not like the team was exposed on the big stages over these two years, with a national title and another appearance in the championship game when given the shot.

It might be easy to suggest that it’s all part of the puzzle. Clemson doesn’t have the stress, strain, or chances to get pinched like most teams do in other Power Five conferences, but whatever.

These Tigers have more than earned their stripes under Dabo Swinney, and again, it’s not their fault the rest of the ACC has been disappointing.

With that said, if you got grouchy that the team didn’t play anyone in the regular season who hung around the College Football Playoff top 25, you’re going to love what’s coming.

Except for November 7th. That’s when Clemson has to make the trip to face Notre Dame, but the team even gets a bit of a break for this with two weeks off to prepare and with Notre Dame having to play the week before.

Outside of the Irish, how many FBS teams on the slate finished with winning records last season? Louisville, Virginia, and Wake Forest.


However, it took a fight to get by North Carolina last year, and Syracuse, NC State, Louisville, and out of conference, South Carolina should all be stronger. But all of those teams have to come to Death Valley.

Looking ahead, there’s a shot that Virginia or Louisville sneaks into the preseason top 25 rankings, but that’s no guarantee.

In other words, if you’re ready to see someone other than Clemson represent the Atlantic in the ACC Championship, too bad.

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