Wisconsin vs. Oregon: Rose Bowl Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

Wisconsin vs. Oregon: Rose Bowl Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

Fearless Predictions

Wisconsin vs. Oregon: Rose Bowl Fearless Prediction, Game Preview


Why Oregon Will Win

Everyone will come into the game gushing about the Badger O line, but the Duck lines on both sides are every bit as good, if not better. The Utes were supposed batter and bully Oregon, and they got destroyed up front giving up 239 rushing yards and getting stuffed on offense with just 116 rushing yards.

Oregon’s run defense allowed over 200 rushing yards against Auburn, and that was it. Since then, the run D never gave up over 170 rushing yards, allowed more than four yards per carry just three times, and gave up a mere four rushing scores. On the other side …

Get the running game going, and it throws off the Wisconsin style. The Badgers need to control the clock and the game, and that doesn’t happen if they’re getting gashed on the ground. They allowed over 100 yards just four times all year.

Once was against Nebraska – who hit the UW D hard in the first half and averaged over seven yards per carry – but it was a Wisconsin 37-21 win. Illinois ran for 141 yards in its upset win, and Ohio State got its ground attack going.

Over the last three seasons, Wisconsin is 2-8 when allowing just 150 rushing yards or more. Oregon averages 183 yards per game, with CJ Verdell and Travis Day good enough to tear off yards in chunks.

Okay, superstar. This is the chance to make one final big push. Justin Herbert will go in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but Joe Burrow is the almost certain No. 1 overall pick. The GMs know all about what Herbert can do, but we all know how this works. Come up with one giant bowl game, and everyone falls in love with the shiny object.

The stats for the Wisconsin pass defense are terrific. However, to get by this D, you throw, you keep throwing, and you challenge the Badger corners deep over and over again. The Bucky pass D allowed eight touchdown passes in the final three games, and gave up two touchdown throws or more in six of its last seven games.

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