LSU vs. Oklahoma College Football Playoff: Peach Bowl Live Game Updates, Thoughts. 3rd Quarter

LSU vs. Oklahoma College Football Playoff: Peach Bowl Live Game Updates, Thoughts. 3rd Quarter

College Football Playoff

LSU vs. Oklahoma College Football Playoff: Peach Bowl Live Game Updates, Thoughts. 3rd Quarter


LSU vs. Oklahoma Peach Bowl. Five thoughts, live updates and analysis of the College Football Playoff semifinal, 3rd Quarter

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Peach Bowl: Live Game Updates 3rd Quarter

Final Score: COMING
CFN Prediction: LSU 45, Oklahoma 34
Line: LSU -12.5, o/u: 75.5

THIRD QUARTER: LSU 56, Oklahoma 21

5. The Heisman vote

It’s one thing to have not voted for Joe Burrow for the Heisman.

It’s another thing to have left him out of the top three entirely.

It’s a regular season award, and maybe in an MVP way it was possible to put Jalen Hurts or Justin Fields No. 1, and there were certainly those pretentious types who put Chase Young on top, but Burrow was left off of 5% of the Heisman ballots.

It’s not quite fair to use hindsight when it comes to the Heisman voting – again, it’s based on the regular season – but as this game showed, not having Burrow a part of things is just bad judgement.

4. Jalen Hurts didn’t quit

The game was obviously over at halftime, but in his final game, Hurts kept on pressing in the third quarter. However, the O went too slow.

The Sooners needed to come up with a few quick strikes for scores just to make things a wee bit interesting, but that didn’t happen. Hurts was able to lead the way to a good scoring march just to slow the game down, and Hurts ran for his second score, but that was a spitball at a battleship.

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3. How do you keep pressing if you’re LSU?

You have to keep playing. Even up 49-14 at halftime, you can’t pack it in if you’re LSU considering how explosive Oklahoma is, and so the offense became a bit more methodical.

More short-range passes, a more deliberate pace, and more from the ground game, with Chris Curry and Ty Davis-Price getting a little bit of work in.

And what do you do on 4th down in the red zone when up by 35?

Kick the field goal, just because? Nah … go for it by running, convert, and then Joe Burrow runs for a score, accounting for his eighth touchdown of the game.

2. Justin Jefferson

This will be the Joe Burrow game, but Jefferson put on a performance for the ages.

14 catches for 227 yards and four touchdowns, and he just missed making a fifth scoring grab with the ball just bouncing off of his hands.

Oklahoma wasn’t able to rotate over any help, because the rest of the Tiger weapons went off and Burrow was too sharp finding the mismatch. He could’ve kept making plays if LSU had its foot on the gas, but his night was pretty good as is.

1. So when do you sit everyone?

There’s a disrespect factor here a little bit, but LSU did what it was supposed to do by not bombing away in the third quarter and running as much as possible.

But now it’s time to think of the big prize.

Now, up 56-21 after three quarters, of course you pull Burrow, and Jefferson, and the main parts that you absolutely can’t lose against Clemson and Ohio State. The team is already potentially down Edwards-Helaire if his hamstring isn’t right. This isn’t the time to mess with this.

No. 9, you’ve had yourself a night. Give him a curtain call, and then sit him.


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