Georgia vs. Baylor: Sugar Bowl Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

Georgia vs. Baylor: Sugar Bowl Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

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Georgia vs. Baylor: Sugar Bowl Fearless Prediction, Game Preview


Why Georgia Will Win

Jake Fromm needs to have a game. The Bulldog quarterback is one of the few constants on a team with so many key losses and without the offensive pop it should’ve had. He had an okay season – 22 touchdown passes and five picks – but he was more of a game manager than an NFL starting talent who carried the team to wins.

However, he only threw interceptions in two games – the loss to South Carolina and the loss to LSU – and giving up just five all year. He got hot late in the loss to Texas in the last Sugar Bowl, was brilliant – but overshadowed – in the Rose Bowl win over Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma two years ago, and threw for 232 yards in the national title loss to Bama.

He won’t go Joe Burrow on the Bears, but he has to be sharp against this D that takes the ball away.

Baylor won’t do anything on the ground. Even without a few of the Bulldog defensive starters, the front seven should be a brick wall. Baylor has an okay running game, but it’s not going to impose its will and it’s way too inconsistent.

Georgia allowed a rushing touchdown to Auburn. That’s it. No one else came up with a score on the ground. Florida didn’t get one. Notre Dame didn’t get one. LSU didn’t come up with a rushing score, either. It’ll be passing game or bust for the Bears, but …

Overall, this Georgia defense is a brick wall, finishing fourth in the nation in total defense – and it’s only that low because it faced the LSU offensive machine in the SEC title game. The Tigers were the only ones who came up with more than 350 yards of total offense on this group. Only three other teams – Notre Dame, Tennessee and Auburn – were able to get over 300.

The Baylor offense can bog down. It only came up with 265 in the second game against Oklahoma after getting just 307 the first time around, and it was held to under 300 by TCU. This team has problems when the running game isn’t working, and … the running game won’t work.

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