Week 10 Roundup: 5 Things That Matter, Winners, Losers, Overrated, Underrated

Week 10 Roundup: 5 Things That Matter, Winners, Losers, Overrated, Underrated


Week 10 Roundup: 5 Things That Matter, Winners, Losers, Overrated, Underrated


4. The Really Big Thing Was …

Georgia beat Florida 24-17

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s giant deal because it was the SEC East Game of the Year and a battle between two of 2019 college football’s biggest heavyweights. But it was a really big thing that Georgia beat Florida, and not the other way around.

Had Florida won, it would’ve been close to a mortal lock to get into the SEC Championship at 11-1. It still has to play Vanderbilt, go to Missouri – that’s not a layup – and deal with a Taggart-less Florida State, but that’s all doable.

Considering the Gators lost at LSU, a fun theoretical argument could’ve been had that they would’ve deserved to be in the CFP no matter if they had beaten Georgia, to go along with the win over Auburn. If the two losses were to LSU on the road and to the Alabama/LSU winner in the SEC Championship …

In other words, had Florida won this weekend, it would’ve been GAME ON with a whole slew of wild College Football Playoff debates.

Why isn’t it that way for Georgia after winning in Jacksonville? Two reasons.

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First, it lost to South Carolina. That’s not like losing to LSU on the road like Florida did. If Georgia wins out, of course it’s in the CFP as the 12-1 SEC champs. But 11-2? There’s no four-best-team argument to be had there.

The second issue … November 16, at Auburn.

Florida has a relatively clear path the rest of the way, while Georgia gets Missouri – again, not all that easy – at Auburn, Texas A&M, at Georgia Tech. The Dawgs can and probably should win all of those, but if they lose to Auburn and go to the SEC Championship, they’re probably not in the CFP if they’re 10-2 and then beat Bama or LSU.

When it comes to the game itself, that’s Georgia. It’s not pretty, but it can absolutely get the job done. With those lines, and with that defense, and with Jake Fromm, this might be a far deadlier team in the national title chase than it’s being given credit for.

It just has a tough road to get there.

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