College Football Lines Week 14: Opening Lines, Early Values

College Football Lines Week 14: Opening Lines, Early Values

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College Football Lines Week 14: Opening Lines, Early Values


Tulsa at East Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: East Carolina -1
Actual BetMGM Line: Tulsa -5.5

Boston College at Pitt
Fiu Early Guess: Pitt -8.5
Actual BetMGM Line: Pitt -9.5

Vanderbilt at Tennessee
Fiu Early Guess: Tennessee -18
Actual BetMGM Line: Tennessee -20

Wake Forest at Syracuse
Fiu Early Guess: Wake Forest -5
Actual BetMGM Line: Wake Forest -6

Texas State at Coastal Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: Coastal Carolina -13
Actual BetMGM Line: Coastal Carolina -8.5

Iowa State at Kansas State
Fiu Early Guess: Kansas State -2
Actual BetMGM Line: Iowa State -3

North Carolina at NC State
Fiu Early Guess: North Carolina -6
Actual BetMGM Line: North Carolina -8

FIU at Marshall
Fiu Early Guess: Marshall -6.5
Actual BetMGM Line: Marshall -8

Navy at Houston
Fiu Early Guess: Navy -8
Actual BetMGM Line: Navy -7.5

Baylor at Kansas
Fiu Early Guess: Baylor -14
Actual BetMGM Line: Baylor -14

Ohio State at Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Ohio State -10
Actual BetMGM Line: Ohio State -9.5

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Clemson at South Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: Clemson -25
Actual BetMGM Line: Clemson -26

Wisconsin at Minnesota
Fiu Early Guess: Wisconsin -1.5
Actual BetMGM Line: Wisconsin -3

Rutgers at Penn State
Fiu Early Guess: Penn State -36
Actual BetMGM Line: Penn State -41

New Mexico State at Liberty
Fiu Early Guess: Liberty -13
Actual BetMGM Line: Liberty -14

Colorado at Utah
Fiu Early Guess: Utah -24
Actual BetMGM Line: Utah -28

Charlotte at Old Dominion
Fiu Early Guess: Charlotte -6
Actual BetMGM Line: Charlotte -7.5

Middle Tennessee at WKU
Fiu Early Guess: WKU -13
Actual BetMGM Line: WKU -10

Wyoming at Air Force
Fiu Early Guess: Air Force -8
Actual BetMGM Line: Air Force -11

Fresno State at San Jose State
Fiu Early Guess: San Jose State -3
Actual BetMGM Line: Fresno State -1

Rice at UTEP
Fiu Early Guess: Rice -7.5
Actual BetMGM Line: Rice -6

UNLV at Nevada
Fiu Early Guess: Nevada -9
Actual BetMGM Line: Nevada -7.5

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