10 Best Predictions Against The Spread: Week 10. Dog The Dog Week

10 Best Predictions Against The Spread: Week 10. Dog The Dog Week

College Football Predictions

10 Best Predictions Against The Spread: Week 10. Dog The Dog Week


What ten college football games appear to be the best bets and the best picks against the spread going into Week 10? Here you go. Enjoy.

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Welcome to this week’s theme of Dog The Dog.

It’s a strange and sort of dull week of games, but few have blowout potential if the favorites’ heads are screwed on straight. It’s not just that some of these teams are underdogs – they make up the top five, with one key exception – it’s that they’re really, really bad teams, and you’re going to go against them.

Here are the ten games that look to be a wee bit favorable …

10 Best ATS Picks So Far: 45-48

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10. Virginia Tech at Notre Dame

LINE: Notre Dame -17.5
ATS PICK: Virginia Tech
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First, Virginia Tech isn’t that bad. It’s not going to win, but it’s on a nice three-game winning streak. What you’re worried about is the Hokie brain cramp, sort of like the one against Duke in a 45-10 loss a few weeks ago. That’s not going to happen, but Notre Dame will come out fired up and rolling from the start. Think Irish-USC – watch out for the Hokies to tack on something late just to duck in under the spread. That half a point might come into play.

9. UNLV at Colorado State

LINE: Colorado State -7.5
ATS PICK: Colorado State
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Sometimes a game is the correct call no matter what. If it doesn’t work out, it’s just a bad moment of bad luck. This is one of those.

Colorado State is coming off to two straight road win blowouts – beating Fresno State certainly isn’t bad on the road – with a passing game that’s starting to explode. UNLV lost to those Fresno State Bulldogs 56-27 two weeks ago. There’s enough Rebel offense to keep this from getting out of hand, but usually when this team loses, it gets destroyed. five of the last six losses were by way more than eight points.

8. Fresno State at Hawaii

LINE: Hawaii -2.5
ATS PICK: Hawaii
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There’s another Dog The Dawg pick coming up, but first, Hawaii is only giving away 2.5 points against a Fresno State team with a suspect pass defense? The Bulldogs have just one road win so far – at New Mexico State – and they still haven’t beaten a team with a pulse. UNLV, Sacramento State, NMSU – yippee. If you can’t handle the Colorado State passing game at home, how are you going to deal with what Hawaii is about to bring?

7. BYU at Utah State

LINE: Utah State -3.5
ATS PICK: Utah State
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Utah State hasn’t been good enough. There hasn’t been enough help around QB Jordan Love, the defense hasn’t been as good as it should be, and the season has been too much of a grind. But BYU is having a few problems on the road, and it doesn’t have QB Zach Wilson.

It got by Tennessee in what seems like eons ago, but it lost to a bad Toledo team by seven at the end of September and followed it up with a loss to a worse USF squad. At home so far, the Aggies have won all three games in double-digit blowouts. Giving away 3.5 isn’t too much.

6. Army at Air Force

LINE: Air Force -15.5
Bet on this, BetMGM latest line

It was at 16 for a while – it still might give you the extra half point near game time – but even at 15.5, that’s a lot. The Army offense is eventually going to work again. but it’s been a problem over the last few weeks. Even so, Navy was able to give Air Force problems in a win, and Army certainly knows how to defend the option offense that’s coming.

The Falcons will win, but 15.5 is a lot to give away in a game that should be relatively low-scoring. The Black Knights have yet to lose by more than nine.

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