Tuesday Question: Where Is Chase Young In The Heisman Race?

Tuesday Question: Where Is Chase Young In The Heisman Race?

Tuesday Question

Tuesday Question: Where Is Chase Young In The Heisman Race?


Tuesday Question: Chase Young and the Heisman

Q: Where would you put Chase Young in the Heisman chase?

Jeff Feyerer

@JeffFeyerer, CFN

I’d put him 3 behind Hurts and Burrow

Pete Fiutak


I’m a Heisman voter and can’t and won’t give away what my vote is before it happens – under penalty of death by stoning. I will say this – you’re not totally wrong thinking Young is the best player in college football. However …

He’s not the most Heisman-worthy player on his own team – that’s Justin Fields.

Joe Burrow is having a historic season, and Jalen Hurts has been amazing, even with the loss to Kansas State. There’s still time for Tua, too. If Tagovailoa comes out and rocks against LSU, this whole thing flips fast.

Young has been amazing, but is Ohio State 8-0 without him? Yeah. Are there ten other NFL-caliber players on that D? Yeah, and CB Jeff Okudah might actually been drafted higher. Even so, is Chase Young the signature player of the 2019 college football season so far?

He’s not far off.

Phil Harrison

@PhilHarrisonBW, BuckeyesWire.com

I’m still on the fence about where I would put Chase Young in the Heisman race. Do I believe he’s worthy of going to New York and being on the ballot? Yes. I truly believe he’s one of the top three players in college football this year, and as such, should be recognized that way.

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen a player be that disruptive in a game on the defensive line. I think he is quite possibly the best player in college football, but I’m not ready to say that he most certainly is.

Heck, he may not be the best player on his own team. There is an argument to be made that either running back J.K. Dobbins or quarterback Justin Fields is more valuable to Ohio State than Young. Which of the three is better? That’s a razor thin case to try and conclude, but that’s what the Heisman voters will have to do, and while Young had an absolute killer of a game against Wisconsin that everyone saw, he hasn’t been THAT dominant each and every time out.

He is a difference maker for sure, and I do believe we have to be open to the fact that if not the best player in college football this year, he’s up there. I’d have him at No. 2 right now behind Joe Burrow. That could change though as things progress no doubt.

Jeremy Mauss


Chase Young did have an amazing game vs. Wisconsin, but if you want to be considered a Heisman candidate and primarily are a defensive player you need to be so far ahead of the competition, fair or not because he plays defense, but that is the truth. He would be at the tail end of the top five and “settle” for being the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Top three Heisman.

1. Joe Burrow
2. Jalen Hurts
3. Tua Tagovailoa

Nick Shepkowski

@Shep670, CFN Podcast

I would have him first because he’s been the best player in college football this season. Charles Woodson won it in 1997 while Ndamukong Suh, Champ Bailey, the Honey Badger and Manti Te’o all should have.

1. Chase Young
2. Justin Fields
3. Joe Burrow

Holy Buckeye, indeed.

Scott Steehn

@Steehnroller, WinnersandWhiners.com

I would put him at #1. There reall is a window open for him to be the first true defensive player to win it.


Big Game Ben Niewoehner

I would put Chase Young at third in the Heisman race right now.

My top 3: 1. Joe Burrow, 2. Jalen Hurts, 3. Chase Young

Young has been dominant, but what Burrow has been doing has been special. The same goes with Hurts, even with the loss to Kansas State.


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