SEC Quick Thoughts, Takes On Every Game: Week 6

SEC Quick Thoughts, Takes On Every Game: Week 6


SEC Quick Thoughts, Takes On Every Game: Week 6


Quick thoughts and takes on every Week 6 SEC game.

LSU 42, Utah State 6

Don’t blow this off. Utah State is a good team with a terrific quarterback in Jordan Love, and and LSU ripped through it like it was working against air. Joe Burrow kept the production going with 344 yards and five scores, but he (gasp!) threw an interception, and he ran for 42 yards and a score. Justin Jefferson was the main man with 155 yards and two scores on nine catches.

There’s the LSU secondary. It was a wee bit lax over the first part of the season, but it rose up and rocked against Love and company with three picks while not allowing a touchdown pass and giving up just 140 yards, The Tigers didn’t give up a thing deep.

601 yards, 32 first downs, a brilliant defensive performance on third downs – allowing just 1-of-12 conversions, and with yet another amazing day from Burrow. The team is as tuned up as it can be with the showdown against Florida coming up next.

Missouri 42, Troy 10

Is Kelly Bryant okay? He should’ve have been in the game up 42-7, but that doesn’t excuse the cheap shot on his legs. He’s supposedly going to be okay, but that’s not confirmed. Before going out, he completed 12-of-19 passes for 221 yards and three scores, and he ran for 20 yards and a touchdowns. Taylor Powell is a more-than-capable backup, and he can beat Ole Miss next week and Vanderbilt the week after, but Bryant and to O were starting to groove.

Troy is a good enough team with a dangerous enough offense to challenge for the Sun Belt title, and Mizzou shut it down to a dead stop. It got hit for an early touchdown pass, and that was it the rest of the way. The defensive line appears to be fully jelled now, there wasn’t anything happening from the Trojan running game, and it was a dominant performance to keep on rolling.

Where’s the loss coming before November? All bets are off if Bryant isn’t right, but Ole Miss, at Vandy, at Kentucky. That’s it until going to Georgia and following up against Florida. It doesn’t matter for the Tigers since they can’t play for the SEC title anyway, but they’re looking more and more like a team that’s going to be a thorn in the side of the rest of the East.

Georgia 43, Tenn 14 | Ole Miss 31, Vandy 6

NEXT: Florida 24, Auburn 13


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