Cavalcade of Whimsy: You Want Jim Harbaugh Fired? And Then Your Plan Is ...?

Cavalcade of Whimsy: You Want Jim Harbaugh Fired? And Then Your Plan Is ...?

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: You Want Jim Harbaugh Fired? And Then Your Plan Is ...?


This week’s reason I should be the SIXTH prognosticator on the set of the new FOX College Football Pregame thingy …

I’ve already been to Brookings, South Dakota.

The sure-thing, 100%, rock-solid lock, sell the house, sell the kids, no doubt about it picks of the century for this week

PICK SO FAR: 40-14 SU, 29-25-2 ATS

Thanks, Wisconsin and Missouri. Who the hell loses straight up to Illinois and Vanderbilt? Apparently, I do.

Fortunately, these picks are all correct.

Do this, or I’ll have to move to Brookings, South Dakota. If you choose to dabble, sign up with BetMGM though this link to take part in any of these games or other action on the schedule.

– Colorado +12.5 over USC (USC straight up)
– Wisconsin +14.5 over Ohio State (OSU straight up)
– Texas -1.5 over TCU
– Auburn +10.5 over LSU (LSU straight up)
– Temple +10.5 over UCF (UCF straight up)
– Texas Tech -3.5 over Kansas
– Arizona State -3.5 over UCLA

C.O.W. shameless gimmick item …

The weekly five Overrated/Underrated aspects of the world

5) Overrated: The Jarrett Guarantano fumble …

Underrated: The Trevon Diggs return

4) Overrated: Tom Dempsey’s 63-yard field goal in 1970 – considered an almost unbreakable kicking feat …

Underrated: Dallas PK Brett Maher nailing a 63-yarder against Philadelphia and barely eliciting anything more than a polite yawn.

3) Overrated: On the same day I dealt with the type of horror that no one should have to know is possible – they chopped up cilantro and mixed it into my shrimp tacos – I endured the ultimate form of human suffering. I watched the New York Jets play New England on Monday Night Football.

Underrated: Yeah, sometimes college football gets it really, really right.

2) Overrated: What parents have to do and spend to get their kids into Vanderbilt …

Underrated: How much, apparently, Derek Mason really, really, really, really, really, really wants to be the Vanderbilt head coach.

1) Overrated: A $5,000 fine for this …

Underrated: Lane Kiffin in a world that needs so much more Lane Kiffin.

Sorry if this column sucked, I wasn’t my fault …

The column was so bad that Dabo made me join Andrew Booth and the team managers on the the 450-mile bus ride home.


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