Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1

Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1


This week’s reason I should be the SEVENTH prognosticator on the set of the new FOX College Football Pregame thingy …

I’m not as jacked as Gronk, but I can certainly bring this sort of NFL-caliber analysis to the college side …

From Rob Gronkowski’s debut last Thursday night when asked about San Francisco tight end George Kittle and why he’s so great.

“Like me, he loves lifting weights” and “whenever he get the ball, he just wants to go to the end zone.”

I love lifting weights! I want to go to the end zone!

The sure-thing, 100%, rock-solid lock, sell the house, sell the kids, no doubt about it picks of the century for this week

PICK SO FAR: 35-12 SU, 25-21-2 ATS

I’m winning the weeks, I’m doing right by you, and I’m helping your cause to pay for Junior’s pricey Krispy Kreme habit.

Fortunately, these picks are all correct.

Do this, or I’ll have to go get a job serving those Krispy, Kremes. If you choose to dabble, sign up with BetMGM though this link to take part in any of these games or other action on the schedule.

– Indiana -3.5 over Maryland
– Wisconsin -31 over Illinois
– Arizona State +14 over Utah (but Utah straight up)
– Arizona +9.5 at USC (but USC straight up)
– Oklahoma State -3 over Baylor
– Missouri -21.5 over Vanderbilt
– UNDER Charlotte at WKU 50.5
– Michigan +9 over Penn State (but Penn State straight up)

C.O.W. shameless gimmick item …

The weekly five Overrated/Underrated aspects of the world

5) Overrated: LSU’s sloganey thing …

Underrated: What if your dream is to lose to LSU?

4) Overrated: Going on social media and ripping the NFL for being unwatchable for a variety of reasons …

Underrated: While watching the NFL, which, apparently, the whole world is doing as much or more than ever.

3) Overrated: Just what makes that little old ant … Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant …  Anyone knows an ant, can’t …

Underrated: Getting the ball over the goal line

2) Overrated: Watching any MLB playoff game until at least the 7th inning

Underrated: Being 0-for-7 this post-season trying to remember what channel TBS is, being too lazy to hit the GUIDE button and scrolling, turning to channel 242, being wrong, and giving up

1) Overrated: Minnesota 34, Nebraska 7

Underrated: “Miss me yet?” – Bo Pelini

Sorry if this column sucked, I wasn’t my fault …

We’re only six-seven games into the season. This was a dumb-ass column …


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