Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1

Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1


Five Cavalcade of Whimsy footballey opinions and, like, other stuff

5. The Pac-12 isn’t dead

If you want chaos that’s no too far-fetched, here we go. What happens it the Pac-12 champ – Oregon or Utah – Oklahoma, and Clemson all finish their respective seasons 12-1 with a conference championship. What happens?

This would be the ultimate test for the committee. In terms of resumé, Clemson would be out, but that’s asking a lot if it’s rolling everyone and has one weird day against, say, Wake Forest or South Carolina.

Oklahoma might need to roll without a blemish, considering Baylor is about to hit the nasty part in its schedule and with nothing in non-conference play to hang a hat on.

It’s why style points are going to matter for Oregon and Utah going forward. Just keep one eye on those two. The Pac-12 isn’t there yet – it’s out if the big boys in the other four leagues keep winning – but it might be a factor more than you think.

4. Princeton vs. Rutgers

In this, the 150th anniversary since the first time these two played, can we give Rutgers a break from getting tortured by the Big Ten and have a rematch? The Scarlet Knights are devastated, depleted, and just running out the string, but Princeton is 4-0 and playing well.

ESPN, make it happen and send Gameday there doing a retro broadcast as if it was 1869. Ehhhhh. maybe next year when it actually is the 150th season of college football.

3. Dak Prescott is just over 6-2, BTW …

This never works when it comes to eye-balling height, but I’m exactly 6-2 – just got measured and I’m right on it – and I’ve stood next to Jalen Hurts a few times. He’s listed at 6-2 and is around 220 pounds, but that seems a wee bit generous. Okay, that’s fine – that’s probably right. At some point, though, I want see what a big 6-5, 225-pound NFL baller could do running this Lincoln Riley offense.

I still don’t buy into Baker Mayfield, and I’m never going to be sold that Kyler Murray can last until he actually does. And yeah, this O is about timing, quickness, and accuracy, and size doesn’t necessarily matter …

But I’d like to see if it does. Like …

Dwayne Haskins is 6-4 and 230.

2. Tanks for the season …

Here’s my issue with the whole idea of Houston allegedly tanking this year. 1) There’s no guarantee that any guys supposedly being saved for next year are going to stay, thanks to this new world of the transfer portal, 2) it’s easy to get other guys from the transfer portal next year if needed, and 3) …


It’s not like the Cougars can tank and be in the race to get top quarterback prospect – and Clemson commit – DJ Uiagaleilei.

1. The LSU defense

Just putting it out there now to revisit later.

Is anyone else a wee bit worried about the LSU defense?

Kyle Trask is fine but he just threw for over 300 yards and four touchdowns. Sam Ehlinger threw for over 400 yards and four scores. At some point, if LSU survives all of this, it’s going to have to deal with Trevor Lawrence, or Jalen Hurts, or Justin Herbert, or Justin Fields, or Tua a second time around.

The offense is amazing and unstoppable, but in general, when it comes to winning national titles over the BCS and CFP era, the teams with the high-powered offenses don’t win it over the teams with a defense. Any team LSU faces in the playoff will have equal talent on the offensive side.

The Tigers still get to play Auburn, Alabama and Texas A&M, and so far the defense has been good, but not amazing in the big games. Look at this as a positive. There’s still room for this ultra-talented group to improve – more takeaways, a bit more of a pass rush, tighter pass defense – and if it does, then this might be Game Over.

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