Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1

Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1

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Cavalcade of Whimsy: State Your Case For No. 1


And I easily came away the loser and lesser person in each and every one of the conversations …

Forgive me for being that guy who embeds his own tweet, but I wasted the better part of two days arguing with people over this …

As God as my witness, 1) I thought turkeys could fly, and 2) I didn’t think there was ANYTHING remotely controversial here as I gave it zero thought before hitting the button.

To be fair, I didn’t expand too much or go into enough detail, because I forget on twitter that I sort of have to.

No, I’m not saying it’ll happen, and no, I’m not a Georgia fan – so don’t bet me that the Bulldogs aren’t going to run the table – but the general point is the same.

This year, NO MATTER WHAT, a 12-1 SEC Champion is absolutely going to get into the College Football Playoff.

Whether it’s Alabama, LSU, Florida, Auburn, or Georgia – and maybe Missouri if the NCAA finally does right by the program – it doesn’t matter. 12-1 with an SEC Championship is good enough.

That doesn’t make me an SEC homer, it doesn’t mean I have and SEC bias – OOOH, I forgot that one; I actually do, because the league has more NFL talent than anyone else – but it’s simply a fact.

Yes, it was a bad loss. Clemson lost two years ago to a Syracuse team that went 4-8 and was the CFP No. 1 seed.

Yes, Ohio State went 12-1 with a Big Ten title and was left out. And despite the final rankings, the committee would’ve thought differently and put it in if it wasn’t for 12-0 Notre Dame.

Yes, other conference champs have been left out … with two losses.

Clemson can go unbeaten, Oklahoma or Baylor can go unbeaten, there can be an unbeaten Big Ten champ, and that fourth spot – no matter what Oregon or Utah does in the Pac-12 – will go to the 12-1 SEC champ, if it’s not undefeated.

Let’s just say it is Georgia. That would mean the Dawgs would’ve beaten Notre Dame, Florida, Missouri, at Auburn, Texas A&M, and then either LSU, Alabama or Auburn out of the West. No other team would have that resumé as a conference champ, and that goes for the other SEC teams in the mix for the SEC title, too.

With that said …

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