Cavalcade of Whimsy: Chase Young Heisman Hopes, Three SEC College Football Playoff Teams?

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Chase Young Heisman Hopes, Three SEC College Football Playoff Teams?

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Chase Young Heisman Hopes, Three SEC College Football Playoff Teams?


Chase Young and the Heisman race, and LSU and the College Football Playoff in the latest Cavalcade of Whimsy.

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Sorry if this column sucks, it’s not my fault …

It was just trying to do its job, and yet Mike Leach was … Mike Leach.

ESPN, there’s no “appreciation” for this tweet or for Leach. Support your people, especially considering Molly McGrath has won as many conference championships as some “genius” head coach.

It’s a name, not a description of what all the suburban dads do the nanosecond they get a night out in the city

I’m bad at just about everything. You name it, and I probably suck at it.

Except for Heisman voting.

I will put my talents as a Heisman voter up against anyone, and will ball out and win every debate by sticking to what works.

When it comes to voting for this thing, it’s about 1) who the signature player is in a given college football regular season who also, if possible, 2) has made the biggest impact on the national championship chase.

It’s why I was dead-on right when I didn’t fall for the shiny objects and voted for Deshaun Watson over Lamar Jackson in 2016, and Derrick Henry over Christian McCaffrey in 2015, and Tim Tebow over Sam Bradford in 2007.

It’s why the Charles Woodson-over-Peyton Manning debate of 1997 is the easiest big sports argument to win.

I voted for Manti Te’o over Johnny Manziel in 2012, partly because the Notre Dame linebacker came up with massive play after massive play on the way to the BCS Championship appearance. I also put Ndamukong Suh No. 2 on my 2009 ballot behind Mark Ingram.

Why this boorishly pompous preamble? There’s a belief system here, and it works for defensive players, too.

I love Chase Young. You love Chase Young. The people who finally paid full attention to an Ohio State game and decided to tweet/write about it now really love Chase Young.

Chase Young isn’t winning the Heisman.

CFN Podcast: Looking back on a wild week, Chase Young for Heisman, Florida-Georgia, who’s winning each conference race …

If the ballots were due today, is he the signature player of the 2019 college football season? No, that’s Joe Burrow, with a great case to be made for Jalen Hurts – who was brilliant, by the way, against Kansas State.

Is he the reason Ohio State is in the national championship chase? Ehhhhh, not really. There are ten other Johnny Five-Stars on that Buckeye defense. (Want to take pretentiousness to a whole other level at your next dinner party? Make the not-that-far-off statement the CB Jeff Okudah might be Ohio State’s best defensive player.)

In an MVP sort of way, who’s been more important in the 8-0 start, Young, or Justin Fields, who has thrown 24 touchdown passes with one pick, and rushed for 319 yards and nine touchdowns? Does Tate Martell have those numbers if he stuck around?

These debates always stink, because there’s nothing even remotely negative to say about what Young has done so far.

The guy leads the nation in sacks, is second in tackles for loss, has five forced fumbles, and – another part of my way-too-snooty way of looking at this – he has come through in the big moments in the primetime games.

Yeah, you’re not entirely wrong if you want to make that claim that Chase Young is the best player in college football so far this season.

He’s still not winning the Heisman.

And now, the punchline …

NEXT: Because it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a slew of “Your an idiot” correspondence …

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