10 Quick Thoughts On Oklahoma 34, Texas 27

10 Quick Thoughts On Oklahoma 34, Texas 27

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10 Quick Thoughts On Oklahoma 34, Texas 27


10 quick thoughts on Oklahoma’s 34-27 Red River Showdown win over Texas.

Oklahoma 34, Texas 27


10. This game always delivers. From the pageantry, the optics, the intensity, the fan bases, and the early game time that brings the game the extra attention it deserves, it gets the day going right away. With six straight games decided by a touchdown or less, and with the two teams always trading haymakers for a full 60 minutes, this battle comes through whether it’s the rivalry, the shootout, the showdown, or anything else you want to call it.

9. Texas had its chances, and it wasn’t able to come through. The defense did its job in the first half of holding tough, but the offense couldn’t do its part. The Sooners marched for a touchdown with ease on their first drive, and only managed a field goal over the rest of the first 30 minutes. OU had its chances to pull away, but the Texas D forced the big plays it had to have to keep it close. That was when Sam Ehlinger and company had to come through, and they only managed a first half field goal.

8. The Oklahoma running game continue to roll. Jalen Hurts has had a lot to do with that, but the offensive line did its part to get Kennedy Brooks and the entire Sooner ground attack working. That was the difference – that controlled the game. OU averaged 7.3 yards per carry with Hurts and Brooks each hitting 100 yards, and …

7. The Texas running game wasn’t able to match the production. Roschon Johnson had one big run, but that was it. Keontay Ingram only ran twice, Sam Ehlinger ran for 23 times with two scores – but was in the negative – and the team as a whole ran for just 100 yards and fewer than three yards per carry. That’s partly because …

6. The Oklahoma pass rush was devastating. Ehlinger was dropped on a few plays because of his style, but the Sooners were living behind the line all game long with nine sacks and 15 tackles for loss. Ehlinger was never comfortable, and he was never able to establish any sort of a rhythm to the passing game. Welcome to the difference with this year’s Oklahoma team – the defense is doing more than just showing up – it’s dominating at times. It also helps when the offense has …

5. CeeDee Lamb was fantastic. The ten catches for 171 yards and three touchdowns were good, but it was the way he made play after play after play when nothing was there. The Texas receivers weren’t awful, but they didn’t take over in key moments like No. 2 did …

4. It wasn’t quite the Heisman-winning performance Jalen Hurts might have wanted to have, the interception and a few mistakes kept it from being a perfect day, but he hit 16-of-28 passes for 235 yards with three scores, ran 17 times for 131 yards and a score, pulled a Houdini act by putting the ball around his back to survive and make a throw down the field, and unlike Kyler Murray last year, he got the win in the Cotton Bowl. It was more than good enough.

3. Sam Ehlinger tried to put the team on his back. He was getting beaten up, battered and bruised, but he was able to keep on firing, keep on running, and he still had the team in the game late despite all the  problems and stalls. He completed 25-of-37 passes for 210 yards, but he was under pressure and was getting hit from the start. And now …

2. That’s it for the Texas College Football Playoff chances, but the Sugar Bowl is still in play. The bowl has to take a Big 12 team, and now it’s up to the Longhorns to get to the Big 12 Championship, not whiff on any games along the way, and be that team that gets in – that wouldn’t be a bad season by any stretch if the two regular season losses were to LSU and Oklahoma. However, the Longhorns need the other side to roll.

1. The Big 12 isn’t quite strong enough to guarantee a 12-1 champion to get in, and Oklahoma got the one win over the one team on the slate that can possibly trip it up. Iowa State is good, and Baylor is playing well, but it’s going to take something funky to get by this Sooner team as long as the defense keeps playing like that.

Texas has to just get to the Big 12 Championship at 10-2 to be assured of a spot in the Cotton Bowl … if Oklahoma gets there at 12-0. The Sooners got their big test out of the way, and now they get West Virginia, at Kansas State, Iowa State, at Baylor and TCU. Be careful of the date at Oklahoma State, but for now, this was obviously the key to the CFP.

At least, it was unless there’s a Round Two in early December.


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