Tuesday Question: Is D'Eriq King Sitting Out The Season Okay?

Tuesday Question: Is D'Eriq King Sitting Out The Season Okay?


Tuesday Question: Is D'Eriq King Sitting Out The Season Okay?


Tuesday Question: The D’Eriq King Situation. Are you okay with the Houston quarterback sitting out the rest of the season?

Q: Houston QB D’Eriq King is sitting out the rest of the season to preserve his eligibility for 2020 … are you okay with this use of the four-game eligibility rule?

Pete Fiutak


I’m just assuming he wants to transfer. He caught a glimpse of what the Oklahoma world was like when Jalen Hurts was running up and down in the opener, and that’s the dream. That’s the gig. Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray are undersized ballers who don’t fit the NFL mold, and under Lincoln Riley, they obviously became No. 1 overall draft picks.

D’Eriq King isn’t as small as Murray, but he’s really, really small for a pro quarterback. That didn’t matter when it came to the now-Arizona Cardinal starter.

However, going forward, Riley might just have his pick of quarterback talents – if this really is where King is thinking of going – and it’s not a slam-dunk that he’d be the most talented option trying to grab the gig. I also think Texas might work I Sam Ehlinger decides to leave early. Or Georgia. Or Alabama. Or Oregon – all the gigs will be open, so he should absolutely see what the market is like for his services.

In general, yeah, fine. The rules are what they are, and why shouldn’t a player use them to improve his goals as a player? It’s all going to work out for everyone – don’t think for a second that if King leaves, Dana Holgorsen won’t have a fantastic transfer option on the way to run his system.

Isaiah Hole

@IsaiahHole, WolverinesWire.com

I don’t know or understand why he’s doing this, and why all the confusion, given that he planned to transfer initially.

If it’s because he has an undisclosed injury or some other mitigating factor, I’m fine with it. If it’s strictly because he’s unhappy with either the new staff or where the team sits right now, I’m not. You have to stand behind your team, win or lose, once the season starts. Don’t know if it’s a bad look, but it’s not a good one.

Wil Hunter

@wil__hunter, SpartansWire.com

D’Eriq King, like any other college student, is doing everything he can to get himself to the highest level in his field. Right now he believes that can be accomplished elsewhere. If that’s Oklahoma, can you really blame him with Lincoln Riley’s track record?

Jeremy Mauss

@MWCWire, MWwire.com

This is a scenario that was probably not foreseen as a use of the four-game redshirt rule. I feel players can do what they want in terms of where they play and how as they are so limited in what they can do in terms of changing schools as compared to coaches who can leave on a moments notice.

However, this move seems a little scummy because Houston is 1-3 and the season is not going as planned, so it is like D’Eriq King is giving up for the year and then surveying the field as he has this option. He is going to graduate and that can make him moving to a new program, if he chooses, much easier than had he just left immediately.

This is just another item that coaches have to navigate but this might be trend that is like players skipping a bowl game to stave off injury and prep for the NFL Draft, meaning there might be just a few players a year who decide to do this. As for players doing this, they should go for it and do what they feel is best for them and their future.

Johnny Rosenstein

@JohnnyParlay11, SportsBookWire.com

I’m more than okay with the use of the four-game eligibility rule – four games aren’t deep enough into a season.  Plus, a guy like Houston’s D’Eriq King is still getting an education … unless the program is taking advantage of the situation and the player is taking Needlepoint 101.

Scott Steehn

@Steehnroller, WinnersandWhiners.com

I’m totally okay with it. The universities are able to make big bucks on the backs of student-athletes and this is a chance for them to do something that is in their own best interest. If he is, as he has stated, going to use the time to concentrate on his studies and earn his degree, more power to him.

Joe Vitale

@JoeVitale, UGAwire.com

I’m okay with the rule in general, but, and as much it pains me to say this, I think the NCAA should deem when a redshirt is acceptable depending on the situation.

Obviously an injured player, someone deep on the depth or a freshman should be allowed to redshirt. But a star player just deciding he does not want to play for the rest of the season frustrates me and is bad for college football. More players will follow suit if the NCAA doesn’t amend this rule.

Joe Williams

@JoeWilliamsVI, SportsBookWire.com

To me, it’s weak. He doesn’t do this if the team is winning, so therefore it’s rather selfish. The idea of college sports, originally, was to represent your school and play for your teammates. Essentially, he is quitting on his teammates, letting his school down and should have his scholarship taken away.

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