Hot Seat Coach Rankings: After Week 5

Hot Seat Coach Rankings: After Week 5


Hot Seat Coach Rankings: After Week 5


Coaches On The Hot Seat: No Chance These Coaches Get Fired, But They Could Use A Big Win

5. Mike Bloomgren, Rice

The program needs to catch a wee bit of a break. Rice is playing better than when Bloomgren took over the program last season, but it’s one of the three winless teams left in college football – Akron and New Mexico State the others – after dropping an overtime loss to Louisiana Tech.

Bloomgren is now 2-16 with road games at UAB and UTSA coming up. This is a major building process, but a few wins – and very, very soon – would be nice.

4. Joe Moorhead, Mississippi State

The Bulldogs were so good defensively last season that the hope – despite severe massive talent losses to the NFL – was for the system to be good enough to keep the production going. On the other side, Moorhead – the former Penn State offensive coordinator – was going to get his offense moving with QB Tommy Stevens coming in from Happy Valley.

Nope, and not really.

The losses to Kansas State was a wee bit troubling, but to be torched by Auburn 56-23 – after winning 23-9 last season – is a concern.

Everything is still fine for a bowl game at 3-2, but the Bulldogs still have to face LSU, at Texas A&M, and Alabama. The Auburn game was the first of a run of four road dates in five with the road trip to Tennessee up next in two weeks. To be blunt … DON’T LOSE AT TENNESSEE.

3. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern 

Stanford is awful, and it beat Northwestern 17-7. UNLV is awful, and the Wildcats got the easy win. Michigan State and Wisconsin aren’t down and mediocre like they were last year, and they beat Northwestern.

The team has experience, it has a talented quarterback in Hunter Johnson, and it should be whole lot better than this, but …

Uh oh.

Lose at Nebraska this week, and with Ohio State up right after, Northwestern will be a 1-5  before facing Iowa and going to Indiana – which means 1-7 is very, very possible.

Despite the hype, Nebraska is Northwestern’s mediocre equal. The Cats need a season-saver in Lincoln.

2. Jay Norvell, Nevada

Are you old enough to remember when the Wolf Pack took advantage of an epic Purdue meltdown to win 34-31 in the season opener? Good times.

Since then, Nevada was obliterated by Oregon 77-6, slipped by Weber State and beat UTEP, and lost its Mountain West home opener to Hawaii 54-3.

All of a sudden, San Jose State isn’t a pushover. Norvell and Nevada have to beat the Spartans after getting a few weeks to rest up, and then it’s off to a run of four games in five weeks with dates at Utah State, Wyoming, San Diego State and Fresno State.

1. Mike Locksley, Maryland

Everything is fine, we’re only four games in, and everything can flip back around in a hurry.

But Maryland can’t play like that again.

After destroying Syracuse, the loss at Temple was particularly galling. The Owls are fine, but they got housed a week later by … Buffalo.

Fine, that’s one bad day, and there were two weeks off to prepare for a national showcase Friday night home games against Penn State, and …

Apparently, the Terps thought they were playing on Saturday.

It was the type of 59-0 loss that will be a marking point if the team doesn’t pull up out of the nosedive in a big, big hurry. The Terps were outgained 619 yards to 128, came up with just ten first downs, and were behind 38-0 going into halftime.

That happens – Penn State is good. However, if Maryland loses this week against a Rutgers team that just fired its head coach, that would be a horrible, horrible look.



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