College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 4

College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 4

College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 4


One loss teams that really do have a shot

There was a misfire along the way early, but if any of these teams win out and go 12-1 with a Power Five conference championship … in. Done. No questions asked – okay, with the possible exception of the Pac-12 champ -unless there are four other unbeaten Power Five conference champs. That’s almost certainly not going to happen.


Loss two will come: It was a really, really, really bad day against Wisconsin, but the talent and experience are still there to go on a run. Don’t be shocked if the team is a whole lot better as the season goes on … and loses to Michigan State or Ohio State.

Michigan State

Loss two will come: With back-to-back games at Ohio State and Wisconsin coming up after the date with Indiana, the Spartans have too big of a hill to climb.

Notre Dame

Loss two will come: It might not. Virginia, USC, at Michigan. Outside of those three games, it’ll take something extraordinary to get by the Irish. 11-1 probably won’t do it unless Georgia goes 13-0 with an SEC Championship, but if they can win out, they’ll be in the mix if there are a slew of Power Five champs with two or more losses.

Oklahoma State

Loss two will come: at Iowa State in late October, or at Oklahoma at the end of the regular season. The second loss will happen, but it’s not a given now with ether Texas game out of the way.


Loss two will come: It might not. This is looking like the best team in the Pac-12, but it has to go to Washington, USC and Arizona State.


Loss two will come: The loss to SMU was a disaster. The defense really is good enough to hang with anyone, but it won’t be enough to get by Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma and and Oklahoma State on the road, AND Texas and Baylor at home.


Loss two will come: With the defense struggling against the star offenses, there could be a problem against just about anyone in the Big 12. If it’s not against Oklahoma in a few weeks, that second loss might come against Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship.


Loss two will come: The schedule isn’t all that awful the rest of the way, but No. 2 will come at Washington on November 2nd. If not, watch out for the trip to Arizona and the hone games against Arizona State and Cal.


Loss two will come: It’ll potentially come down to the home game against Oregon. Win that, and get by Utah and Washington State at home, and the Huskies are likely going to be 11-1 on the way to the Pac-12 Championship game.

Washington State

Loss two will come: No, the Cougars won’t run the table, but it’s going to be a fantastic ride. At Utah, at Arizona State, at Oregon, at Cal, at Washington. That’s not fair.

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