College Football Lines Week 5: Opening Lines, Early Values

College Football Lines Week 5: Opening Lines, Early Values

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College Football Lines Week 5: Opening Lines, Early Values


The early lines and odds are out for Week 5 of the college football season. What are the early values?

 Pete Fiutak @PeteFiutak

It’s a blah week of games coming up, but that’s not why you called.

Akron vs. UMass is just as investable as Virginia vs. Notre Dame.

Before diving into the research for all the game previews and predictions, without looking at what the real ones are, I take a first guess at what the early lines and odds will be for Week 5 of the 2019 college football season. The real ones then get put in to see how far from the pin I am.

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Navy at Memphis
Fiu Early Guess: Memphis -9.5
Actual Early Line: Memphis -12

Duke at Virginia Tech
Fiu Early Guess: Virginia Tech -3
Actual Early Line: Virginia Tech -5

Penn State at Maryland
Fiu Early Guess: Penn State -7.5
Actual Early Line: Penn State -7.5

San Jose State at Air Force
Fiu Early Guess: Air Force -20
Actual Early Line: Air Force -21

Arizona State at Cal
Fiu Early Guess:  Cal -3.5
Actual Early Line: Cal -3.5

Northwestern at Wisconsin
Fiu Early Guess: Wisconsin -17.5
Actual Early Line: Wisconsin -22.5

Wake Forest at Boston College
Fiu Early Guess: Wake Forest -3.5
Actual Early Line: Wake Forest -4

UConn at UCF
Fiu Early Guess: UCF -36
Actual Early Line: UCF -39

Central Michigan at Western Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Western Michigan -16
Actual Early Line: Western Michigan -17

Fiu Early Guess: SMU -10
Actual Early Line: SMU -7.5

Buffalo at Miami University
Fiu Early Guess: Buffalo -6
Actual Early Line: Miami University -3

Georgia Tech at Temple
Fiu Early Guess: Temple -1
Actual Early Line: Temple -9

NC State at Florida State
Fiu Early Guess: Florida State -4
Actual Early Line: Florida State -5

Iowa State at Baylor
Fiu Early Guess: Baylor -2
Actual Early Line: Baylor -2

Akron at UMass
Fiu Early Guess: Akron -3
Actual Early Line: Akron -6

Rutgers at Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Michigan -33
Actual Early Line: Michigan -28

Minnesota at Purdue
Fiu Early Guess: Minnesota -1
Actual Early Line: Purdue -1

Louisiana at Georgia Southern
Fiu Early Guess: Louisiana -4
Actual Early Line: Louisiana -4

Middle Tennessee at Iowa
Fiu Early Guess: Iowa -22
Actual Early Line: Iowa -23

UNLV at Wyoming
Fiu Early Guess: Wyoming -6.5
Actual Early Line: Wyoming -9

Washington State at Utah
Fiu Early Guess: Utah -7.5
Actual Early Line: Utah -6.5

Fresno State at New Mexico State
Fiu Early Guess: Fresno State -23
Actual Early Line: Fresno State -18

Hawaii at Nevada
Fiu Early Guess: Nevada -4
Actual Early Line: Nevada -2.5

Stanford at Oregon State
Fiu Early Guess: Stanford -6
Actual Early Line: Stanford -3

Indiana at Michigan State
Fiu Early Guess: Michigan State -12.5
Actual Early Line: Michigan State -14

Clemson at North Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: Clemson -30
Actual Early Line: Clemson -28.5

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