College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 3

College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 3

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College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 3


Big Ten Betting Advice, Final Thoughts

If you really like Ohio State, then go for it. It’s been sensational so far, and going to Indiana shouldn’t slow that down enough to worry about a shocking upset. However, OSU -18 is just about right on. If you need to do it, go with the Buckeyes, mainly because there’s an outside shot that the defense shuts the Hoosiers down to a dead stop. Also, you’re not going to like it considering the Buckeyes could drop 50 by themselves, but … go with the under on the 59.5. Go light, but go under.
Ohio State at Indiana Game Preview, Prediction

It’s the strangest line in a long, long time. Maryland started out as a -4 against Temple, even after a total and complete Terp annihilation of Syracuse. Temple has a good offense, and it’s a road game for Maryland, but you don’t want to look ridiculous if this thing is for real and that happens again. It went up to eight, and the public brought it back down to seven, but …  MARYLAND JUST BEAT SYRACUSE BY 43 POINTS. If Temple ends up covering, go over, shake hands, and wish it will.
Maryland at Temple Game Preview, Prediction

Illinois is a bit flaky so far against bad teams, but Eastern Michigan doesn’t appear to be the tight team of the last few seasons. It’s only Illini -7 – go Big Ten, or go home. The over on the 55.5 is a nice play if you think the Eagles can put up at least 20 points of this on their own.
Eastern Michigan at Illinois Game Preview, Prediction

You’re right to loathe the idea of taking Northwestern -17.5 points against anyone. UNLV couldn’t do anything right offensively in the blowout home loss to Arkansas State, but … it’s Northwestern. You know, the team that couldn’t beat Akron last year and opened up this season getting beaten up by Stanford. The line is all over the place, starting out at -16.5 and rocketing up to 19.5 before settling in at 17.5. Hold your nose and take the ultra-flaky Rebels.
UNLV at Northwestern Game Preview, Prediction

Minnesota might have needed two late plays to survive Fresno State and South Dakota State – it could just as easily be 0-2 instead of 2-0 – but Georgia Southern’s offense hasn’t worked so far, and PJ Fleck and the staff figured out how to stop the option cold in the Quick Lane Bowl win over Georgia Tech. The line has gone up to Gophers -16.5, but that’s still about right – they’re due for a big, easy win.
Georgia Southern at Minnesota Game Preview, Prediction

It took you a while, a little sweat, and some elbow grease, but Penn State got you there last week over Buffalo. This will require a bit more effort against Pitt, but giving away 17 isn’t that bad considering it lost at home to Virginia by 16 to start the season.
Pitt at Penn State Game Preview, Prediction

If you have any inkling of wanting to go with Michigan State over Arizona State, get in fast. The MSU -14 is going to end up at 15ish by gametime, and you’re going to want every point you can get. Assume the Spartans are for real, assume the ASU offense really is that mediocre, and assume that there will be a little bit of scoring even though the under is is stupid-low. Michigan State might score 41 by itself – the total is all over the place between 41.5 and 42.5 after starting out at 47.5. The market just gave you a gift.
Arizona State at Michigan State Game Preview, Prediction

Rivalry game, schmivalry game. Iowa State might always bring a nasty D, but are you really going to care that Gameday – sorry, Amesday – is going to be there for the showdown? Nah. You’re only being asked to give away two with the Hawkeyes? Sure … super.
Iowa at Iowa State Game Preview, Prediction

Is there a chance that Nebraska just isn’t that good? Yup. Is there a chance that Northern Illinois is just plucky enough to keep this to within two touchdowns after pushing Utah in an 18-point loss? Yup. The Huskers are overdue to bust out, but until they do, keep playing the other guy.
NIU at Nebraska Game Preview, Prediction 

Don’t spend too much time worrying about Elijah Sindelar’s health. At least, don’t worry about the Purdue quarterback for your investment purposes – go ahead and worry about him as a human, if you wish. TCU went from a +1.5 to a -2 because of the Boilermaker QB concerns. You don’t need to bother with any of it – the TCU defense will take care of anyone in the Purdue backfield.
TCU at Purdue Game Preview, Prediction

Week 3 Final Thoughts, Investment Advice
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