College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2

College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2

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College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2


SEC Betting Advice, Final Thoughts

The Missouri loss to Wyoming was a blip. It was a Week 1 game that didn’t go right on the road, but Kelly Bryant – outside of a bad pick – was fine, and the offense worked. The 14 seems a bit high against West Virginia, and it is. We still don’t know what this Mountaineer team is, but it’s the safer pick, as is the under.
West Virginia at Missouri Game Preview, Prediction

Vanderbilt couldn’t get anything going against Georgia, Purdue melted down against Nevada. That +7 Vandy is getting is a courtesy, and you like it. The Commodores could absolutely win this thing outright – the line came down from 9.5 – and you’re fine with the points.
Vanderbilt at Purdue Game Preview, Prediction

Yeah, Mississippi State was getting used to some new parts against Louisiana, and yeah, there were several suspended players. The Bulldogs might really be good and still not be able to get by Southern Miss by 17. The Golden Eagle defense is good enough to keep the score low, but the Bulldogs shouldn’t have a problem – except for covering the 16.5.
Southern Miss at Mississippi State Game Preview, Prediction

The world is giving you 55.5 points, so you say “thank you,” and go on your way. Of course Alabama can beat New Mexico State by 100, but it won’t. It’s going to be a gajillion degrees by gametime, and Bama will want to get this thing over in a hurry. The Tide will score their 55, New Mexico State will get a random touchdown, and you’ll be just fine.
New Mexico State at Alabama Game Preview, Prediction

Tennessee isn’t that bad … Tennessee isn’t that bad … Tennessee isn’t that bad … if you keep saying it enough, maybe it’ll be true. BYU has the defense to make it a low-scoring battle, and it has a mobile quarterback in Zach Wilson who can bring a whole slew of different problems than Georgia State’s Dan Ellington gave the Vols. Tennessee isn’t that bad … Tennessee isn’t that bad … and take BYU and the four.
BYU at Tennessee Game Preview, Prediction

And now it’s 6.5?! Some places are saying it’s seven? LSU is better than Texas, but it’s a home game and Tom Herman has the underdog team – of course the Longhorns could win this outright. LSU will win, but if you’re getting 6.5, go with the idea that this could end on a field goal.
LSU at Texas Game Preview, Prediction

Be very, very, very, very, VERY careful when it comes to Auburn. The line started out at 21.5 against Tulane and it quickly went down to 17.5, 17 in some spots. The Green Wave have a real, live defense that can potentially fluster an Auburn offense that – bowl game against Purdue aside – still has to prove it can be consistently productive. The Tigers will win, but the 17.5 is too large.
Tulane at Auburn Game Preview, Prediction

It’s still hard to think of Kentucky as a team that can win games in blowouts, but it did just that with a 14-point victory over Toledo last week. Eastern Michigan has been great over the years at keeping things close, and with this a lookahead game with Florida coming up for UK, the 15.5 is a bit too spicy to not take the Eagles.
Eastern Michigan at Kentucky Game Preview, Prediction

You have to be INSANE to bet on Arkansas at Ole Miss. Which offense is going to show up? Will ANY offense show up? But if you have to, Arkansas seems like a team with a whole slew of problems that aren’t guaranteed to be fixed. Ole Miss seems like a team with a whole slew of problems that could be tweaked. Don’t do it, but if you have to … Ole Miss -6, and the under. It started out at 57.5 and America hammered that into the ground. Now it’s down to 50.5.
Arkansas at Ole Miss Game Preview, Prediction

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