College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2

College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2

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College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2


Pac-12 Betting Advice, Final Thoughts

Not like the extra half point matters all that much, but if you like Utah, it can be had against Northern Illinois for around 21 to 21.5, even though it’s showing up at 22. Not to overreact to Week 1, but NIU doesn’t have its same pass rush, and it doesn’t have the offense to handle the Ute D.
Utah vs. Northern Illinois Game Preview, Prediction

Again, not to overreact to Week 1, but Nebraska showed nothing against South Alabama offensively, Colorado was tremendous against Colorado State. Colorado is at home, and Nebraska is still living off potential – at least in the polls. It would’ve been nice if the line stayed closer to Huskers -7.5, but it’s down to 4.5. It doesn’t matter – the Buffs are winning outright.
Nebraska at Colorado Game Preview, Prediction

Please explain how UCLA and/or San Diego State will score? The Aztec defense is terrific, but it has absolutely nothing offensively, and the Bruins were a big dull dud against Cincinnati. RB Joshua Kelley is supposed to play for UCLA – where have we heard THAT before – and that might be just enough to cover the 8.5. And on the 45? Under, UNDER? UNDER!
San Diego State at UCLA Game Preview, Prediction

Boo. The call was Oregon by 24 over Nevada when the line was at around 21ish, and then everyone jumped all over it. Now it’s up to 24, and even 24.5 despite the stars in the Duck backfield being a bit banged up. Stay with it and go with the Ducks to bounce back fast, but don’t be happy about it.
Nevada at Oregon Game Preview, Prediction

Cal at Washington is a nasty call. Even though Cal won last year 12-10, it seems like it doesn’t have the makeup to pull this off in Seattle – but it should still keep it close. The Bears still don’t have much going on the offensive side, but this should bog down into an uggo. What’s also weird? The 43.5 point total is silly-low, but you can’t feel good going over with these two defenses.
Cal at Washington Game Preview, Prediction

First one to score in Stanford – USC wins? It’s still on the board, even without either of the starting quarterbacks. For the love of GOD … go with the under on the 43.5. The point total in wouldn’t be crazy-low if it was at 30. If these two start scoring. and go over, chalk it up to a weird blip in the matrix. Also, you’re getting three points with Stanford? Giddyup.
USC at Stanford Game Preview, Prediction

Of COURSE you’re going with the over on Oregon State- Hawaii. What is it? Who cares? You like to party, right? For the record, it’s at 77, and no freaking way you’re going to stay up until 2 am to hope for the under. To keep this weird considering this should be a wild and crazy shootout … Oregon State to lose, but cover? At only 6.5?! Yeah, because the Beavers might just win this outright.
Oregon State at Hawaii Game Preview, Prediction

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