College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2

College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2

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College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2


Big Ten Betting Advice, Final Thoughts

Ohhhhh, nooooo, Cincinnati is tough. Ohhhh, nooooo, Ohio State has to face former head coach Luke Fickell. Yeah, there is a legitimate concern that Justin Fields – as good as he was in Week 1 against Florida Atlantic – is in for a whole new ball game against a Bearcat D that deleted UCLA’s account, but … enough. You’re Ohio State. You’re good enough to not just get into the CFP, but win it. You’re worried about a Group of Five program? Now that the line is down to 16 you’re not.
Cincinnati at Ohio State Game Preview, Prediction

Can Michigan hit the knuckleball? Logic and reason dictates that the Wolverines stomp all over Army. The run defense has the speed at linebacker to handle the option, the Knights showed NOTHING in the 14-7 win over Rice, and good luck handling the Wolverine receivers. The correct call is Michigan -22, but if that pitch starts floating and bobbing …
Army at Michigan Game Preview, Prediction

Welcome to Year Four of me overrating and believing too much in Rutgers. I’ve been hurt before, but I keep coming back. With balloon bouquet and tasteful basket of mini-muffins in hand, I woo the Scarlet Knights to stay within the 19 of Iowa. More than that, though, take the over on the 48. The Hawkeyes could get that by themselves.
Rutgers at Iowa Game Preview, Prediction

You know those awful people who like a band until it gets popular? Hand raised on being one of those types, but I LOVED Maryland when it was getting five against Syracuse, and then everyone liked that one song with the hook, and now the Terps are -1.5. I’ll stick with the original call that the Terps win, but I miss when they were this punky team that played the smaller venues.
Syracuse at Maryland Game Preview, Prediction

Expect a while lot of pop in the Vanderbilt-Purdue game. The 55 points are way low for these two, and it should be a firefight. As good and as dangerous as the Boilermakers are, Vanderbilt is better than it showed against Georgia. Stay away from this on the Purdue side, but take the over and enjoy.
Vanderbilt at Purdue Game Preview, Prediction

What did Nebraska show to make you think its offense is ready to get into a firefight? Was it just playing coy against South Alabama, or is it just not quite fine-tuned? Until proven otherwise, be happy you’re getting points with Colorado.
Nebraska at Colorado Game Preview, Prediction

All of a sudden, everyone is hurt on the Wisconsin defense. From LB Chris Orr, to S Scott Nelson, to DT Bryson Williams, this is a banged up group against Central Michigan – and the line isn’t budging. The 35 being given away is way too large, but do it anyway. If the Badger team that showed up against USF plays like that, you’re fine.
Central Michigan at Wisconsin Game Preview, Prediction

Do you really think the UConn defense is okay now after a decent Week 1 performance? Nah. Is Illinois really a whole lot better after destroying Akron? yeah, maybe. The 21.5 on the road is a little scary considering it is Illinois, but if the UConn D is back to its old form, you want in on it.
Illinois at UConn Game Preview, Prediction

Penn State is a merciless team when it gets on a roll. Buffalo is fine, and it doesn’t appear to have fallen too far after losing most of the stars from last year’s excellent squad, but the Nittany Lions are good at adding on to the pile. The 30.5 is a whole lot, but err on the side of total annihilation.
Buffalo at Penn State Game Preview, Prediction

At this point, you’re out of your freaking mind if you do anything but go under on a Michigan State game. What’s the total against Western Michigan? It doesn’t matter. This D isn’t giving up a thing. If it’s possible to win easily, not cover the 16, and go under on 46.5, the Spartans will do it.
Western Michigan at Michigan State Game Preview, Prediction

Full disclosure … I have no real read on Minnesota at Fresno State. The Bulldogs are amazing under Jeff Tedford, and this seems like the type of game they should win on defense alone, but the Gophers always seem to rise up and surprise at the strangest times. Minnesota is a three point favorite … okay. Fine. Go with the Big Ten over a Group of Fiver, but keep it light.
Minnesota at Fresno State Game Preview, Prediction

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