College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2

College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2

College Football Predictions

College Football Betting Advice, Final Thoughts: Week 2


The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

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Do not overreact … do not overreact … do not overreact …

It’s so easy to assume Week 1 is the be-all-end-all tell for how good the teams are going to be, but with no preseason and not a whole lot of practice time, there’s nothing more misleading than the first big weekend of the college football season.

Then again, the Chicago Bears had a whole preseason and all the practice time they could want, and that didn’t matter.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only, however, just in case you dabble …

Because of the Group of Five showdown tonight, we start with …

Marshall is better than you think it is. Here’s one of the bigger problems with Week 1. Either Florida State is amazing, and it really did come up with a total team dehydration meltdown against Boise State – and the Broncos caught a break playing a team that, unfathomably, couldn’t figure out how to drink water despite living and practicing in Tallahassee – or it just took a half to get going. The line dropped down to Boise State -10.5 for a while, and it was still a strong play to take the veteran Thundering Herd and its solid defense. Now that it’s up to 12.5 – and 13 in some places – they’re a fantastic value.
Marshall at Boise State Game Preview, Prediction

Week 2 Final Thoughts, Investment Advice
ACC | Big 12 | Big Ten | Pac-12 | SEC

ACC Betting Advice, Final Thoughts

Do you like the Wake Forest offense, or the Rice defense? Or, what’s supposed to be the Rice defense, and not assuming that Army’s offense was inept in the 14-7 Knight win. The line shot up from Wake -17.5 to 19.5, but you’re fine no matter what. The Owls have to prove they can score with a team with Wake Forest’s pop.
Wake Forest at Rice Game Preview, Prediction

Yuck. The original call was Pitt to beat Ohio by four, and now the line went down from Pitt -5.5 to -4. In other words, this should be a stay away game, or you can go with the spiteful pick. When in doubt, always take the Power Five program over the Group of Five. Ohio is good, but come on – it’s a MAC team on the road. You can give away the four.
Ohio at Pitt Game Preview, Prediction

Just how much do you want to believe in Tommy DeVito? There’s a reason the line went from Syracuse -5 to Maryland -1.5, and it’s because America pound the stuffing out of the Terps to correct the mistake. Now, it’s about who you like outright. If you liked Syracuse before, you love this pick now – if you think DeVito can come up with a decent game.
Syracuse at Maryland Game Preview, Prediction

If Virginia Tech doesn’t obliterate Old Dominion by a gajillion, it’s not your fault for taking it minus the 28.5. There’s absolutely no reason in normal times for the Hokies to not win this by four touchdowns, but considering they lost to the Monarchs last year, and they REALLY need a blowout win, take them. It’s on them to do you a solid.
Old Dominion at Virginia Tech Game Preview, Prediction

Stay away from Georgia Tech against USF for one simple reason – we have NO clue what either of these teams are quite yet. It stinks that the line went up to Georgia Tech -6, but at home, okay. At least the Yellow Jackets have an excuse for being destroyed in Week 1 – it’s Clemson – but for USF to be so miserable at home against Wisconsin is unacceptable. The Bulls haven’t won a game since October 20th of last year, and haven’t beaten a decent team since it got by Georgia Tech early last season. It’s not happening again.
USF at Georgia Tech Game Preview, Prediction

If Clemson wins this thing by more than 17.5, well played – long live the theater. You’re Clemson, we’re not, and it’s your world with Alabama taking up a nearby planet. Let’s put it this way – Texas A&M should absolutely be good enough to flat-out beat the Tigers, much less cover the 17.5. You’re obviously not wrong for picking Clemson at home to cover, because it’s blowing everyone out since early last season, BUT … Dabo has problems with Power Five programs in September over the last few years.
Texas A&M at Clemson Game Preview, Prediction

At the same time, the dehydration thing with Florida State 1) makes total sense, considering the team looked and played like it hit a wall against Boise State, 2) is totally inexcusable for a program that lives in Tallahassee and plays in inhumane hot and muggy weather. The 22 vs. ULM seems a wee bit high, but … YOU’RE FLORIDA FREAKING STATE PLAYING A SUN BELT TEAM … ACT LIKE IT. And since you can’t drink Gatorade, have a sip of water.
ULM at Florida State Game Preview, Prediction

So, you say you have a handle on North Carolina? You lie … it can’t be as easy as a coaching change to Mack Brown. UNC won that game, but South Carolina lost it. So, you say you have a handle on Miami? You lie … the pass rush wasn’t there against Florida, but Jarren Williams was solid? Going with the Miami defense on the road against the Tar Heels, but if I’m wrong, it’s okay. It’s on the tree-falls-in-forest ACC Network.
Miami at North Carolina Game Preview, Prediction

Week 2 Final Thoughts, Investment Advice
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