Cavalcade of Whimsy: UCF Lost, Clemson Schedule, Top Remaining Games

Cavalcade of Whimsy: UCF Lost, Clemson Schedule, Top Remaining Games

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: UCF Lost, Clemson Schedule, Top Remaining Games


Five Cavalcade of Whimsy footballey opinions and, like, other stuff

5. It was close enough … 

What happens if Georgia goes 13-0 and wins the SEC Championship, and Notre Dame goes 11-1 with its only loss a tight battle to the Bulldogs on the road?

Going back to the previous CFP Doomsday Scenario blurbs, the Irish still have Virginia, USC, at Michigan, Virginia Tech and at Stanford to deal with – that’s not that bad. This team could absolutely run the table from here. So if Georgia is unbeaten and No. 1 – which it would be in the CFP rankings if it goes 13-0 – then theoretically on a four-best team thing, what do you do with the Irish? Notre Dame probably just played its way into a New Year’s Six bowl.

4. In UConn’s defense …

I like to apply a good-natured ribbing doing what I do, but once in a while it’s time to give a loving, nurturing hug.

UConn had one of the most miserable defenses in the history of college football last season. It allowed 617 yards per game, while the second-worst D – Oregon State’s – gave up a mere 537 per outing. The fourth-worst defense was Houston’s, and it allowed 497 yards per game. That means that UConn’s defense allowed over 117 yards per game more than 127 other teams.

Only five teams gave up over seven yards per play, and only one of those gave up eight. UConn allowed 8.8 yards every play.

Oh, you want more? 2018 UConn gave up 4,020 rushing yards in 12 games. No one else allowed more than 3,400, and only eight other teams gave up more than 3,000.

This year? Your 2019 UConn Huskies are 62nd in the nation in total defense, they’re allowing an okay 5.3 yards per play, and are 56th in the nation against the run allowing just 137 yards per game.

3. The Alabama stable of quarterbacks

There was a moment when Gardner Minshew was going to be on the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was a decent player at East Carolina, but he decided to transfer to Bama even though he wasn’t going to see the light of day – he wanted to learn the coaching ropes under Nick Saban.

Of course, the rest is history as Minshew went to Washington State, bombed away, and is now the NFL’s hot big thing.

Think about it. Had Minshew stuck with his commitment to transfer to Alabama, a rising-star professional starting quarterback would’ve been the third-stringer behind the likely No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft (Tua Tagovailoa), and the possible 2019 Heisman Trophy winner (Jalen Hurts).

2. Why I don’t play golf, for money, against people …

Buffalo isn’t very good. It got walloped by Penn State (fine) and Liberty (not fine).

Syracuse is just okay, but it went on the road to Liberty to start the season and won 24-0. A week later, Maryland obliterated the Orange 63-20. The next week, Maryland appeared to be the lock of the millennium for that week as just a -7 against Temple … and Temple won 20-17. So Temple is pretty good, right?

Buffalo 38, Temple 22.

1. The D’Eriq King issue

I had it first.

I had this part written already on Sunday night wondering which quarterback might want to duck out after four weeks to try becoming the man at Oklahoma next season.

Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray went from undersized ballers to No. 1 overall draft picks, and Jalen Hurts went from being Captain Wormburner as a passer at Alabama to – potentially – the greatest season by any quarterback in the history of college football.

I was trying to come up with options for who’d make the best business decision by transferring to OU to play in the Lincoln Riley offense, and it never occurred to me that D’Eriq King might just be the perfect fit.

You’re going to hear a whole lot of hoo-ha over the next several weeks about players are quitting on their teams by deciding to sit out after four games to preserve a year of eligiblity. You’re going to hear about players being selfish, and you’re going to hear about how this isn’t how the rules were supposed to work.

But if King really does go to Oklahoma – that’s hardly a given right now – can you blame him? If your dream is to become an NFL quarterback, don’t you do everything possible to become Riley’s guy?

Don’t get mad at King no matter how this works out. College students are supposed to prepare themselves the best they can for their future, and that’s all they’re trying to do.

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