Cavalcade of Whimsy: UCF Lost, Clemson Schedule, Top Remaining Games

Cavalcade of Whimsy: UCF Lost, Clemson Schedule, Top Remaining Games

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: UCF Lost, Clemson Schedule, Top Remaining Games


Of course, watch for all of these games to turn into duds, and Appalachian State ends up getting a four-seed …

Beyond just being a mildly amusing list to kill some time, there’s a point here that ties into the ensuing blurb.

Of course there will be a stunning upset to screw up our fun, but at the moment, these ten games are the only ones you absolutely have to watch until December.

Oct. 5 Michigan State at Ohio State

Oct. 12 Florida at LSU

Oct. 12 Oklahoma vs. Texas

Oct. 19 Oregon at Washington 

Oct. 26 Wisconsin at Ohio State

Oct. 26 Auburn at LSU

Nov. 2 Florida vs. Georgia

Nov. 9 LSU at Alabama

Nov. 16 Georgia at Auburn 

Nov. 30 Alabama at Auburn

Yes, yes, very amusing – like your kid’s 3rd grade art project making a turkey out of a cutout tracing of her hand.

So what?

1) Auburn matters. It’s going to be a player in determining what happens in the playoff chase, even if it can’t get through this alive.

2) Oklahoma only has one truly dangerous game, and a whole bunch of freaky smaller ones that should be fights.

3) Oregon has to go on the road to face USC and Arizona State, to go along with a home date at Cal and the trip to Washington, and …

4) You notice something missing? Sort of a biggie?

“I get paid to be suspicious when I’ve got nothing to be suspicious about.”

I’ll admit that I don’t exactly know what I believe here, where I’m going with this, or what I actually think should happen. I’m open to all ideas and theories.

Stay with me, because the details are important.

Let’s say the SEC and Big Ten champions are 13-0. They’re in the College Football Playoff, no questions asked, no arguments whatsoever, done deal.

Oklahoma goes 13-0 and is in the College Football Playoff as the unbeaten Big 12 champion. The schedule isn’t that great and there’s a little room for a debate here, but it will have beaten Texas twice.

So here we go.

Before you throw out the these-things-work-themselves-out thing, remember, it didn’t work last year and we got a disaster of a College Football Playoff. Let me give you three doomsday scenarios.

1) It’s 12-0 SEC East champ vs. 12-0 SEC West champ for the SEC title. If the loser is Georgia from the East, it’ll have beaten Notre Dame – who appears to be a mortal lock for at least ten wins – Florida, Texas A&M, and will have won at Auburn. If it’s Florida, it’ll have beaten Auburn, won at LSU, and in Jacksonville against Georgia.

It the SEC West 12-0 loser is LSU, it’ll have beaten Florida, Auburn, Texas at Texas, Alabama at Alabama, and Texas A&M. If the loser is Alabama, it’ll have on the resumé wins over Texas A&M and Auburn on the road, and LSU at home.

Now for the more likely scenario …

2) The Alabama-LSU loser finishes 11-1, and the winner is the 13-0 SEC champ. See above for the big wins on the slate, but in a Four Best Team Argument, the loser is still in the debate considering the winner will be the No. 1 seed.

3) Wisconsin really is that good, loses a close battle at Ohio State, but gets revenge over the Buckeyes in the Big Ten Championship – or vice versa with OSU losing first and then winning the title. Ohio State will have beaten Nebraska and Michigan on the road, Wisconsin once, and Michigan State and Penn State at home. Wisconsin will have beaten Ohio State once away from Camp Randall, will have annihilated Michigan, and will have beaten Michigan State, Iowa, and won on the road at Nebraska.

The drawn out point? If the SEC and Big Ten champs are 13-0, and two teams from the respective conferences are 11-1 or 12-1 with the only losses coming to those top teams, is it really about the four teams with the combination of the best records and toughest schedules?

If any or all of this happens, theoretically, what the hell do you do with a Clemson that will end up playing nobody?

Remember, in theory, the 2019 season is a self-contained entity. We just came out of a coma and don’t know anything that happened in college football over the previous ten years – 44-16 in Santa Clara never happened.

Look at all of those big, giant games the other top teams are playing. Many of them are on the road, many of them are against superpowers who could win the national title, and many of them have multiple landmines blowing up all around them.

Clemson? It’ll likely finish the season as the 13-0 ACC Champion without a win over a team that will be ranked in any top 25 poll by late November.

In reality, Clemson is OF COURSE going to get into the College Football Playoff at 13-0 over any team with one loss. But then you have to tell that SEC team with one loss, “hey, tough luck that you had to play Alabama in the SEC Championship while Clemson played Virginia.”

Or, “bad break, Wisconsin, that you had to deal with Ohio State twice while Clemson ran the gauntlet of Charlotte (lost to Appalachian State), North Carolina (also, App State), Florida State (lost at home to Boise State), Boston College (lost at home to Kansas), Louisville (likely not going bowling), Wofford (it’s Wofford), NC State (walloped by West Virginia), Wake Forest (okay at the moment, but … come on), and South Carolina (sucks).”

If I’m consistent from the start of the CFP, I’m all in on the belief that you shouldn’t be in the playoff with a chance to win the national championship if you can’t win your conference championship. And on a four-best-team theory, of course I believe that Clemson is in – but we don’t need to play the 2019 regular season to know that.

The reality is that Clemson is going to get in at 13-0, no doubt about it. But the reality could also be that it won’t have done anything to deserve it.

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