Cavalcade of Whimsy: Clemson's Schedule, Missing Tennessee, UCF's Possible Beef

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Clemson's Schedule, Missing Tennessee, UCF's Possible Beef

College Football Playoff

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Clemson's Schedule, Missing Tennessee, UCF's Possible Beef


Or, the Stanford Cardinal can end this with one good road win this week

There’s still a long, long, long way to go, but if UCF can somehow do it all again, this time around it might have a legitimate case to make before the College Football Playoff committee.

UCF: “Uhhhhh, we went the undefeated over the last two regular seasons. What happens if we do it again?”

The Committee: “Uhhhhh, I dunno, Sport. Maybe go to another New Year’s Six game or something. Those are fun, right? You get pullovers with logos on them.”

UCF: “What if Clemson’s schedule really does turn out to stink?”

The Committee: “In the end, it won’t. It just sort of looks bad right now, but if it really is light, so what? The talent on that team is otherworldly.”

UCF: “You dogged us for the last two seasons for not playing a great schedule, so why don’t you hold everyone else to the same standard? What if we end up with as many wins or more over ranked teams than Clemson has?”

The Committee: “Certainly you’re not suggesting that you should get in over an unbeaten Clemson, or even a 12-1 ACC champion Tiger team?”

UCF: “Why not? If we have as good a record, and …”

The Committee: “Let’s stop you right there. We see where you’re going, and you have a point, but it’s a non-starter if you think for a single solitary second that you even exist if it comes down to between you and Clemson for a spot in the College Football Playoff.”

UCF: “Okay, okay, but how about overall? If there was a blind resumé thing, and it turns out that ours is stronger than Team B or Team G – forgetting about talent and preconceived notions – why do we get automatically dismissed?”

The Committee: “Because even a down ACC – or any Power Five conference – is better overall than a strong American Athletic Conference. And if you still insist on comparing yourself to Clemson, it beat Texas A&M, and you won’t have one of those.”

UCF: “But if we beat Stanford, and win at Pitt, Cincinnati, and Houston, and then win another conference title over a ranked champion from the West …”

The Committee: “Didn’t you just answer your own question? Anything else? We’re late for the foot spa.”

UCF: “We want a shot. We want our chance in the College Football Playoff if we go undefeated for a third straight regular season.”

The Committee: “Then you had better hope the Power Five conferences implode and several key teams have two losses.”

UCF: “This sucks.”

The Committee: “It’s September. Go worry about Stanford.”

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