Cavalcade of Whimsy: Clemson's Schedule, Missing Tennessee, UCF's Possible Beef

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Clemson's Schedule, Missing Tennessee, UCF's Possible Beef

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Cavalcade of Whimsy: Clemson's Schedule, Missing Tennessee, UCF's Possible Beef


The Clemson schedule, Tennessee’s issues, and UCF’s possible beef, in the latest Cavalcade of Whimsy.

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Sorry if this column sucks, it’s not my fault …

I was all worried about picking against Alabama -55. Fortunately, my backup plan to use a Sharpie to change the fives to sixes wasn’t needed.

“Five minutes of firefights, five weeks of surfing.”

So … is that it?

Are we all done paying attention to Clemson now until it goes to Charlotte to win another ACC Championship on December 7th?

Really? All the Tigers had to do was come up with one okay Week 2 performance against a Texas A&M team that played with all the functionality of a Jeremy Renner app, and that’s all we get?

Maybe the trip to North Carolina will at least be intriguing. The date at NC State isn’t without its charm, and maybe, if the planets are aligned the right way, the date at South Carolina will be something, but …

Come on. Clemson will be favored by at least 25 against everyone the rest of the way.

From this point on, the only reason to watch Clemson football is to hope Trevor Lawrence doesn’t get hurt while wishing he was in bubble wrap. Outside of that – or an all-timer of a total meltdown – at absolute worst, this team drops one game in a total fluke and it still goes 12-1 on the way to the tournament.

And we all know what’s coming …

Oh boo hoo … when will the upstart SEC finally catch a break?

Considering Texas A&M still has to play Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi State, Georgia and LSU – those last two games are on the road – there’s a shot it finishes the regular season with at least four losses and is unranked.

There’s also a real, live possibility that Clemson goes into the ACC Championship without a win over a team that will be in the final regular season rankings.

Fans of the SEC and Big Ten – particularly ones who love the West and East, respectively – are about to go batspit insane over the walk through the tulips this Clemson team has the rest of the way.

At Syracuse, Charlotte, at North Carolina, Florida State, at Louisville, Boston College, Wofford, at NC State, Wake Forest, at South Carolina.

That’s cute.

SEC fans – and Nick Saban, too – groused about how hard Alabama’s slate was at the end of last year and how easy Clemson had it. Unless something drastically changes in the ACC, the offseason complaining will be nothing compared to the screaming due to arrive by mid-November.

Yeah, beating Pitt for the ACC Championship wasn’t like having to deal with a fully-operational powerhouse of a Georgia team for the SEC title, but there was one fatal flaw in the theory – make it two – when it came to the inference that the schedule had anything to do with Bama not getting off the bus in the 44-16 national title loss.

First, Clemson can have a light schedule, AND be the best team in college football.

Also, considering all the blowouts and all the time the starters got to rest in stress-free games, no great team ever had more chances to chill than the 2018 Crimson Tide. That’s not why they lost.

Now it’s up to Clemson to see how it’s going to play this, because it has the light schedule and it’s going to have the opportunity to rest everyone in game after game.

And to all the expected naysayers about the slate, Clemson has two real, live, restaurant-quality Power Five non-conference games in Texas A&M and South Carolina. Charlotte is a layup, but there aren’t any FCS games  – LSU plays Northwestern State this week and Alabama gets Western Carolina in late November.

It’s not Clemson’s fault that Syracuse got its doors ripped off by Maryland last week. It’s not its fault that Florida State is all weird now, or that Georgia Tech is in the midst of a regime change, or that Louisville isn’t the Louisville of a few years ago. And it’s not Clemson’s fault that it doesn’t play Virginia or Miami from the Coastal, at least until the ACC title game.

However, to be fair …

NEXT: Because it’s been SO much fun over the last two years … 


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