Cavalcade of Whimsy: Blaming Bama's Student Section, The Unsung Head Coach, Tebow Going Tebow

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Blaming Bama's Student Section, The Unsung Head Coach, Tebow Going Tebow

Cavalcade of Whimsy

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Blaming Bama's Student Section, The Unsung Head Coach, Tebow Going Tebow


Yes, Arizona State should’ve been called for the leap over the line, too, but it didn’t, and OF COURSE the second attempt was totally shanked to put an end to a game that shouldn’t have come down to one kick, which was so unfor …

I’ve said and written over the last few days, imagine what a generational joke it would’ve been around all of college football – especially in East Lansing – if it was Jim Harbaugh coaching the team that ended up losing at home to Arizona State after having 12-men on the field for a pivotal game-tying field goal attempt.

Fortunately, Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio did a fantastic job in his post-game press conference of explaining the thought process that went into the team’s inexcusable gaffe …

Oh I kid because I love – he’s one of my favorite head coaches. Dantonio is about to become the all-time winningest Michigan State head football coach this weekend at Northwestern. The loss against Arizona State, though, proved once again that …

If you’re a college football head coach, all you’re supposed to do is win, win, win no matter what …

To be fair to all the dogging of Nick Saban earlier, do you really understand how hard it is to win college football games? We all just take it for granted that the big-name schools will always win, but they don’t.

Tennessee has everything at its disposal. So does Nebraska. And USC. And UCLA. And Florida State. And Miami. And Maryland still loses to Temple, And Georgia Tech still loses to The Citadel. And UCLA and Arizona still lose to Hawaii. And on and on and on …

It’s all about wins if you’re a head coach, which is why it’s time to give Penn State’s James Franklin his due.

With the victory over Pitt this last weekend, as ugly as that might have been, Franklin has now won 34 games since the start of the 2016 season. How many current college football head coaches have won that many or more over the same span?

Saban and Dabo, of course (44 each), Kirby Smart has 35, and then there’s … and …

Lincoln? No, not around long enough. Brian Kelly? No, there’s that 4-8 problem in 2016. Urban? Yeah, but he’s not coaching now, and he had 33 wins over the span. Harbaugh? Not quite at 30.

Wisconsin’s Paul Chryst has won 34 like Franklin, but he doesn’t have a Big Ten title. Chris Petersen has won Pac-12 titles, but that’s the Pac-12 – there’s no dogging his 34 wins, though.

Boise State’s Bryan Harsin has 34, but that’s the Mountain West. Scott Satterfield, David Shaw, Rocky Long, Tom Herman? No, no, no and nope.

Saban, Dabo and Kirby. That’s it. Those are the three coaches over the last three seasons and three weeks with more wins than James Franklin.

But, of course, he only beat Pitt by seven.

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