Cavalcade of Whimsy: Blaming Bama's Student Section, The Unsung Head Coach, Tebow Going Tebow

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Blaming Bama's Student Section, The Unsung Head Coach, Tebow Going Tebow

Cavalcade of Whimsy

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Blaming Bama's Student Section, The Unsung Head Coach, Tebow Going Tebow


You’re going the wrong way … you’re answering the wrong question …

I’ll give Tim Tebow this. If he was being asked about whether or not college players should be paid a salary, he has a point. That wasn’t the topic.

He went off on whether or not college athletes should be able to profit off of their likenesses and do endorsement deals, and it was beautiful …

To quickly sum up what’s happening, there’s a movement happening among various legislatures – most prominently in California – that would allow college athletes to do endorsement deals and share in the revenue of certain things like jersey sales.

Is there a steep slippery-slope here? Does Tebow have problems hitting the curve?

Of course there are all sorts of potential issues … if you’re the NCAA and your antiquated and unfair system is about to be altered forever. When it kicks in, it’s the best answer – at least for now – to make things a bit more equitable and fair for the players.

Eventually, will this mean that Jim Bob Booster – sky point, T. Boone – will tell Billy Joe Recruit that there’s a six-figure endorsement deal with the local Chevy dealership if he comes to XYZ Tech? Of course, and that’s okay.

Will this mean that student-athletes will have agents and advisors to guide them in a world of greedy and business-savvy adults? Of course, and that’s okay.

Will this mean that booster clubs will hold bake sales when it’s time to go get a wide receiver, promising him that he’ll be the paid spokesman for Grandma Millie’s Lovin’ Oven Bakery and Dispensary? Sure, and that’s okay.

You know what this also means? Buy stock in Oregon … now.

You think players care about signing on with a school because of a stupid weekly uniform change and a color scheme? Just wait until they’re getting paid a piece of those jersey sales, along with their own shoe design, from Uncle Phil Knight and the Nike empire.

And that’s okay.

Just wait until schools figure out that instead of brokering deals with companies for stadium naming rights, the better investment will be to fund the top players in the latest recruiting class to an assortment of marketing deals.

Just wait … it’s all going to be okay.

And now that we’re all cool with this …

Okay, so the whole Subway FreshBuzz thing didn’t work, but …

Can we give Reggie Bush back his Heisman?

At the end of the day, USC got steamrolled by the NCAA because Bush worked with a marketing company and members of his family were living in an apartment rent free.

Ooooooh, he’s history’s greatest monster compared to what went down at Penn State and Baylor.

Enough. It was silly then, and it’s even sillier now considering what Bush did in the 2000s will be kosher by around 2021.

And after those last two blurbs …

Right on cue in … 3 … 2 …


To all of the 1) really old guys with crappy jobs who get mad at the idea of any young guy getting paid; 2) really old ex-players who missed out on the gravy; 3) people who have to hock Nana’s tea set on eBay to pay for their dopey kid to go drink beer for four years at State U. and/or 4) all of the above …

The war’s over. Your old school side lost, and the second your favorite team signs that five-star defensive back away from your rival because he can get a better endorsement deal through your school, you’ll somehow be just fine with it.

And as I’ve been saying for 20 years to all those old farty people who get all moist and squishy about the absence of pure amateurism in college sports, I’m sure there’s a lovely Division-III campus nearby playing football this Saturday.

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