ACC 3 Quick Thoughts On Each Game, What Mattered: Week 1

ACC 3 Quick Thoughts On Each Game, What Mattered: Week 1


ACC 3 Quick Thoughts On Each Game, What Mattered: Week 1


Boston College 35, Virginia Tech 28

Boston College didn’t run all that well, the secondary was lit up, and there were several moments in the second half when the O just didn’t work. But it took advantage of the big moments when there were the chances in the second quarter. The Hokies kept screwing up, BC scored 21 points in just under six minutes, and that was enough.

The Hokie D was able to bottle up AJ Dillon. The BC rushing star was able to get loose for a touchdown run, but for the most part, he couldn’t go anywhere. This is where, the play of Anthony Brown took things to another level, throwing for 275 yards and two scores and running for another touchdown. He took over, but …

Virginia Tech gave the ball away five times. Ryan Willis threw for 344 yards and four scores, the passing game pushed the BC defense around, and the chains kept moving, but mistake after mistake killed the Hokies. They were +4 in turnover margin, and that screwed up a big day from the run defense.

Syracuse 24, Liberty 0

It was a strange, strange game. Start with the ACC team going to Liberty in the first place, but Flame head coach Hugh Freeze up in the box high in the stadium in a bed as he recovered from back surgery made things even more bizarre. Syracuse was able to fight through a bad overall performance by bringing the thump from the defense.

The Orange destroyed the Liberty offensive line. They came up with eight sacks and 14 tackles for loss to go along with four takeaways. The Flames were able to drive deep on SU, but there was a lot of bending but no breaking. The defense came though when it had to, and it had to, because …

The team was sloppy. The Orange turned it over three times and committed ten penalties. Tommy DeVito struggled, hitting fewer than half of his passes with no touchdown passes and two picks. The team has to be a whole lot sharper going to Maryland.

Boise State 36, Florida State 31

There were positives out of all of this. Florida State might have totally collapsed – being outscored 17-0 in the second half – and the defense went bye-bye, but for the first half, that was Florida State being Florida State again. The team looked fast, it played loose, and the playmakers were there on both sides. But the D …

Florida State couldn’t stop the avalanche. The defensive front got shoved around as Boise State’s Robert Mahone ran wild, and the secondary couldn’t screw up true freshman QB Hank Bachmeier when it counted. From not falling on a key fumble, to a slew of other miscues, the word to use is discombobulated – that’s what FSU was in the second half. Giving up 621 yards of Boise State offense was disastrous when the O couldn’t move the ball.

Here’s the positive. This doesn’t matter. Florida State wasn’t going to win the national title this year, anyway, and it wasn’t going to the College Football Playoff. However, there was a spark that wasn’t there last season. James Blackman threw the ball well. Cam Akers had room to move. There was a real, live offense, even if it couldn’t score late. The team is past teachable moments under Willie Taggart, but for now, just starting to control the clock would help. Boise State had it over 20 minutes longer, mainly because FSU was 1-of-12 on third downs.

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