10 Best Point Total Predictions: Week 5

10 Best Point Total Predictions: Week 5


10 Best Point Total Predictions: Week 5


3. Texas Tech at Oklahoma

LINE: Oklahoma -27.5, o/u: 70.5
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It’s Baker Mayfield vs. Patrick Mahomes as two of the most devastating offenses of all-time should threaten to hit 71 points in the first half, and …


Oklahoma is Oklahoma, and it’s rested. But the problem is that the defense might just be a wee bit too strong for your own good, at least if you like the over.

The Sooners aren’t going to roll for 70 like they did against South Dakota, and while getting to 48 points isn’t crazy, Texas Tech might struggle a wee bit to get too far past 20.

The Red Raiders will be without their best quarterback – Alan Bowman is out after getting banged up – and even with him it was a struggle to get the O going.

They managed just 38 points against UTEP, and against Arizona – in what was supposed to be a wild-and-crazy firefight – it was a 28-14 defensive battle.

It’ll be an interesting game, and Jalen Hurts will be Jalen Hurts, but look out for more of a 45ish to 25ish game, but on the low side. So …

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