2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

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2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130


T10. Penn State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 96.346
2018 Ranking: 14
Biggest Positive: 10.28 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 17 Quality Wins
Analysis: The Nittany Lions have won a whole lot of games 45 over the last five seasons – but the 17 Quality Wins are the fewest by far by anyone in the top 12. The 10.5 Draft score is great, the Attendance score is always a killer, and again, there are plenty of wins.
Penn State 2019 Team Preview

T10. Notre Dame

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 96.346
2018 Ranking: 13
Biggest Positive: 23 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.5 Bad Loss score
Analysis: Michigan State 36, Notre Dame 28. That one Bad Loss at home in 2016 is the difference between the Irish being here and being just outside of the top five. The Irish have won 44 FBS games over the last five seasons, the 23 Quality Wins are huge, and the NFL is taking the stars in bulk.
Notre Dame 2019 Team Preview

9. LSU

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 96.973
2018 Ranking: 12
Biggest Positive: 13.5 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 9.508 APR score
Analysis: The 40 FBS wins are among the fewest by anyone up in the top 15, but there are still a whole lot of wins from the program. The 22 Quality Wins are impressive, the 10.09 Attendance score is amazing, and only Alabama, Ohio State, Florida, Miami and Clemson have bigger Draft scores.
LSU 2019 Team Preview

8. Stanford

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 97.853
2018 Ranking: 6
Biggest Positive: 46 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 4.54 Attendance score
Analysis: It’s amazing what this program has been able to do considering the academic and attendance restrictions. The Cardinal have won 71% of their Pac-12 games, they’re getting a whole lot of players drafted, and the 24 Quality Wins are among the best in the country.
Stanford 2019 Team Preview

7. Wisconsin

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 100.453
2018 Ranking: 8
Biggest Positive: 52 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 8 Draft score
Analysis: It’s the only program in the top seven who hasn’t played in the College Football Playoff, but only Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio State and Alabama have won more FBS games. There aren’t a lot of Elite Wins – the score is just 2.5 – compared to the other top programs, but the 79% winning run in the Big Ten is impressive.
Wisconsin 2019 Team Preview

6. Florida State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 100.487
2018 Ranking: 5
Biggest Positive: 6.5 Elite Win score
Biggest Negative: 9.432 APR Score
Analysis: This will probably be the last time FSU is in the high rent district for a while – the 2014 national title season won’t count in next year’s rankings. The 40 FBS wins are the fewest by anyone in the top 14, but the 6.5 Elite Win score and the huge 12.5 Draft score help overcome a few light areas.
Florida State 2019 Team Preview

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5. Georgia

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 108.363
2018 Ranking: 9
Biggest Positive: 73% conference wins
Biggest Negative: 4.5 Elite Win score
Analysis: The program has bumped up in a huge way under Kirby Smart, with 47 FBS wins, 27 Quality Wins, and with an amazing 73% winning run in SEC play over the last five years. The only nitpicking aspect is the 4.5 Elite Win score. That’s hardly awful, but it’s not even close to being as good as anyone else in the top six.
Georgia 2019 Team Preview

4. Oklahoma

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 123.564
2018 Ranking: 4
Biggest Positive: 54 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 29 Quality Wins
Analysis: By any other standard, the 29 Quality Wins would be amazing, but they don’t come close compared to the top three programs. The 84% conference winning run in the Big 12 doesn’t hurt, and the rest of the scores across the board are excellent. However, OU is on a bit of an island score-wise in the No. 4 spot – well ahead of No. 5 Georgia, and way behind the top three.
Oklahoma 2019 Team Preview

3. Clemson

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 145.412
2018 Ranking: 3
Biggest Positive: 60 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 3.25 Bad Win score
Analysis: When you win two of the last three national championships – and come close to making it three of the last four – the overall numbers are going to be strong. The 44 Quality Wins are only behind Alabama, winning 90% of ACC games helps, and even the APR Score of 9.852 is outstanding. The Attendance score doesn’t measure up to the top two programs in the rankings, and the Draft score – 15 – lags behind.
Clemson 2019 Team Preview

2. Ohio State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 150.033
2018 Ranking: 2
Biggest Positive: 10.6 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 36 Quality Wins
Analysis: Every number across the board is terrific. The 62 FBS wins are just one behind Alabama, the Elite Win score of 12 blows away everyone else, and the Draft score of 20 is second only behind the Tide. Even the APR Score of 9.776 is terrific. There’s no negative – the 36 Quality Wins are just behind Clemson’s 44 and Alabama’s 47 and is third overall.
Ohio State 2019 Team Preview

1. Alabama

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 160.395
2018 Ranking: 1
Biggest Positive: 23 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 2.75 Bad Win score
Analysis: Still the No. 1 overall program by far – even with the national title problems against Clemson over the last three seasons – the 63 FBS wins are the most, the 47 Quality Wins leads the nation, and winning 93% of the SEC games is ridiculous. If that wasn’t enough, the 9.81 APR score is great and the 10.16 Attendance score is outstanding.

And why is there so much success on the field? The Draft score of 23 obliterates everyone else – Ohio State is second with 20, and no one else is higher than 16.5.
Alabama 2019 Team Preview

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