2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

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2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130


25. Oklahoma State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 78.44
2018 Ranking: 21
Biggest Positive: 18 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 9.57 APR score
Analysis: The Cowboys are decent across the board with 40 FBS wins, no Bad Losses, and with an okay 60% conference winning run. The APR could stand to be higher, and there do need to be more Big 12 wins, but this continues to be a top 25-caliber program under Mike Gundy.
Oklahoma State 2019 Team Preview

24. Mississippi State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 79.459
2018 Ranking: 27
Biggest Positive: 9 Draft Score
Biggest Negative: 53% conference wins
Analysis: The Bulldogs have a strong 18 Quality Wins among the 37 FBS wins, and the Draft Score is a big boost to push the program up a bit. With a 9.7 APR and close to 6 in the Attendance score, the numbers are good. A few more SEC wins, though, would be a big plus despite playing in the toughest division in college football.
Mississippi State 2019 Team Preview

23. Utah

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 80.758
2018 Ranking: 33
Biggest Positive: 40 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 56% conference wins
Analysis: The program turned a corner with a trip to the Pac-12 Championship last season, and things keep on getting better with the Bad Loss to Washington State in 2014 not counting in next year’s rankings. The 9.8 APR Score is amazing, and the 40 FBS wins are going to stay high. The Attendance score is a bit lacking at just 4.63, but overall, this is a solid ranking.
Utah 2019 Team Preview

22. Texas A&M

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 81.106
2018 Ranking: 26
Biggest Positive: 10.19 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 50% conference wins
Analysis: The Aggies have been just okay on the field, but the fans continue to pack the house, the NFL talent is flowing through the program, and the 35 FBS wins aren’t all that bad. With Jimbo Fisher building things up, the future is bright – even though the current ranking isn’t all that bad.
Texas A&M 2019 Team Preview

21. Oregon

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 81.158
2018 Ranking: 20
Biggest Positive: 5 Elite Win score
Biggest Negative: 58% conference wins
Analysis: Here’s the problem – the 13-2 run to the College Football Playoff National Championship Game in 2014 won’t count in next year’s rankings. Fortunately, Mario Cristobal has a monster team in place, the recruiting is great, and the current ranking isn’t all that bad with an impressive 19 wins over teams that finished with winning records. The fantastic Elite Win score of 5 helps the cause … for this year.
Oregon 2019 Team Preview

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20. TCU

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 82.651
2018 Ranking: 30
Biggest Positive: 21 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 9.514 APR score
Analysis: Gary Patterson needs a big 2019 when the 12-1 2014 season not counting in next year’s rankings. The 42 FBS wins are amazing – with half of them against teams that finished with winning records – but the 4.47 Attendance score and 9.514 APR score are a little low.
TCU 2019 Team Preview

19. Miami

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 84.092
2018 Ranking: 17
Biggest Positive: 14 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 35 FBS wins
Analysis: There’s nothing all that bad about winning 35 FBS games – a whole slew of programs would kill for that – but it’s a barrier to getting any higher. They’re the fewest of anyone in the top 35, but the Draft score is impressive, the 60% ACC wins are okay, and 19 Quality Wins are nice. But it’s Miami – there was a time in the early 2000s when the program ruled these rankings.
Miami 2019 Team Preview

18. Florida

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 87.299
2018 Ranking: 19
Biggest Positive: 16.5 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 16 Quality Wins
Analysis: The 4-8 2013 season doesn’t count in the rankings anymore, but the 4-7 2017 run will be a problem for a while. The 37 FBS wins aren’t enough for the powerhouse program, and the 63% conference winning clip is just okay considering it’s supposed to own the East. Even with a few low numbers, the Gators are still in the top 20.
Florida 2019 Team Preview

17. Washington

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 87.821
2018 Ranking: 22
Biggest Positive: 42 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 0 Elite Wins
Analysis: The Huskies have turned things around under Chris Petersen to become the Pac-12’s star program over the last few seasons, but there aren’t any Elite Wins. The massive Draft score of 12 and great APR score of 9.824 help the cause, but the 42 FBS wins are outstanding for a program that went 0-12 back in 2008.
Washington 2019 Team Preview

16. Michigan State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 90.658
2018 Ranking: 10
Biggest Positive: 8 Elite Win score
Biggest Negative: 7 Draft score
Analysis: And to think, there’s a 3-9 2016 season added into the equation. Even with the clunker, the 41 FBS wins are excellent, the Elite Win score of 8 is amazing, and the 7.38 Attendance score is just good enough to overcome the okay Draft score that’s the lowest by anyone in the top 20.
Michigan State 2019 Team Preview

15. Auburn

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 90.709
2018 Ranking: 11
Biggest Positive: 20 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 36 FBS wins
Analysis: Winning 36 FBS games is good, but everyone else in the top 17 has 40 or more. Only 12 programs have more than Auburn’s 20 Quality Wins, the Draft Score of 11 is strong, and the 4.5 Elite Win score helped keep the ranking in the top 15. Now the Tigers have to win more than 53% of their SEC games.
Auburn 2019 Team Preview

14. Michigan

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 92.022
2018 Ranking: 18
Biggest Positive: 10.96 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 0 Elite Wins
Analysis: Michigan was way, way down the rankings not all that long ago, but with 43 FBS wins and the always-great APR and Attendance scores, the program is moving on up. However, the narrative that Jim Harbaugh can’t win the really, really big one comes through here with no Elite Wins – everyone in the top 16 has at least two.
Michigan 2019 Team Preview

13. USC

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 92.979
2018 Ranking: 7
Biggest Positive: 43 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 19 Quality Wins
Analysis: Even with the mediocre 2018, the Trojans are still in the top 15 overall, helped by winning 69% of their Pac-12 games. The Draft score of 11 is outstanding, and the 43 FBS wins are great, but the 19 Quality Wins – while great by any normal standards – are among the fewest by anyone in the top 15.
USC 2019 Team Preview

12. Boise State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 94.134
2018 Ranking: 15
Biggest Positive: 51 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 3.29 Attendance score
Analysis: Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio State and Alabama. Those are the only programs with more FBS wins over the last five seasons, and the 25 Quality Wins are amazing, too. The Bronco Attendance and Draft scores aren’t among the elite, but winning a whole lot of games, and taking home 80% of their Mountain West games, make up for them.
Boise State 2019 Team Preview

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