2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

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2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130


50. Minnesota

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 62.765
2018 Ranking: 49
Biggest Positive: 33 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 40% conference wins
Analysis: It’s been a decent run for the Gophers to hang around the top 50, but there haven’t been enough Big Ten wins and the attendance has been a bit lacking for a program of this size – the 4.53 score is a bit low. However, PJ Fleck appears to have things on the right track.
Minnesota 2019 Team Preview

49. Temple

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 62.989
2018 Ranking: 71
Biggest Positive: 73% conference wins
Biggest Negative: 3 Bad Loss score
Analysis: It wasn’t all that long ago that Temple was among the worst programs in college football, and now it’s up in the 50s. The 38 wins, the amazing conference winning percentage, and the solid Draft score of 4 helps get over some of the lower parts. The home Bad Losses to Villanova last season and UConn in 2017 will be around for a while.
Temple 2019 Team Preview

48. South Carolina

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 63.38
2018 Ranking: 37
Biggest Positive: 4 Elite Win score
Biggest Negative: 28 FBS wins
Analysis: The Gamecocks just aren’t winning enough games, taking home just 40% of their battles in SEC play over the last five seasons and with a light 28 FBS wins overall – the fewest by anyone in the top 56. The 7.79 Attendance score is impressive, and the Elite Win score of 4 helps offset the rough Bad Loss at home to Citadel in 2015.
South Carolina 2019 Team Preview

47. Georgia Tech

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 63.546
2018 Ranking: 44
Biggest Positive: 9.816 APR score
Biggest Negative: 50% conference wins
Analysis: There’s a lot to like about the Georgia Tech numbers, but the two Elite Wins came in 2014 – they won’t be on the books next season – and the 30 FBS wins are a tad light. Winning more ACC games is a must after taking down just half of them over the last five seasons.
Georgia Tech 2019 Team Preview

46. WKU

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 64.617
2018 Ranking: 38
Biggest Positive: 16 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 1.64 Attendance score
Analysis: Winning 23 games between 2015 and 2016 gets it done for the Hilltoppers, but the 16 wins over teams that finished with a winning record provided the move massive boost to keep the ranking in the top 50. The attendance is a problem, and the ranking will drop further if there isn’t a rebound after a rough 2018, but it’s a solid number overall for the program.
WKU 2019 Team Preview

45. Appalachian State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 64.3
2018 Ranking: 61
Biggest Positive: 44 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 2.37 Attendance score
Analysis: The star of the Sun Belt has won 85% of its conference games over the five seasons in the FBS world, and only nine programs have more than 44 FBS wins over the span. Attendance and APR are low, but the 2.5 Bad Loss score goes away next year – both defeats were in 2014.
Appalachian State 2019 Team Preview

44. Memphis

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 65.511
2018 Ranking: 53
Biggest Positive: 40 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 5.25 Bad Win score
Analysis: The Tigers have won a ton of games, but they’ve also beaten a whole slew of mediocre teams along the way. They’ve taken down 73% of their American Athletic Conference battles, they’re getting players drafted, and winning 40 FBS games is fantastic.
Memphis 2019 Team Preview

43. Nebraska

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 65.525
2018 Ranking: 36
Biggest Positive: 9.01 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 47% conference wins
Analysis: This isn’t where the mighty program should be. It isn’t winning half of its Big Ten games, and there are just 30 FBS wins over the last five seasons, but the high attendance helps make up for a whole slew of mediocre numbers.
Nebraska 2019 Team Preview

42. San Diego State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 65.717
2018 Ranking: 45
Biggest Positive: 41 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 5 Bad Win score
Analysis: Rocky Long’s program continues to be among the stars of the Group of Five world, winning 73% of its Mountain West games and with a terrific 41 FBS wins over the last five seasons. The attendance score is low, but the APR is fine, and all the wins make up for several other issues.
San Diego State 2019 Team Preview

41. Missouri

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 65.906
2018 Ranking: 28
Biggest Positive: 14 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 30 FBS wins
Analysis: The Tigers are only winning 45% of their SEC games, but the APR Score of 9.86 is fantastic, the 5.72 attendance score is okay, and the 14 Quality Wins are terrific. Now they just need to win more games overall with just 30 FBS victories in the last five seasons.
Missouri 2019 Team Preview

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40. Louisville

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 66.399
2018 Ranking: 24
Biggest Positive: 8.5 Draft Score
Biggest Negative: 53% conference wins
Analysis: The Cardinals dropped in a big way after the dud of a 2018 season, but the 9.824 APR score is outstanding, the 5.05 Attendance score is solid, and the 12 Quality Wins are way too light – they’re the fewest of anyone in the top 40.
Louisville 2019 Team Preview

39. Washington State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 66.57
2018 Ranking: 56
Biggest Positive: 36 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 3 Bad Loss score
Analysis: The Cougars were able to rise up after a great 2018 season, and they should push up the rankings even more after the 3-9 2014 campaign doesn’t count in next year’s group. The 2015 and 2016 season-opening Bad Losses at home to Portland State and Eastern Washington, respectively, drag down the score a bit, but overall, the needle is pointing up.
Washington State 2019 Team Preview

38. Toledo

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 67.597
2018 Ranking: 41
Biggest Positive: 42 FBS Wins
Biggest Negative: 2.06 Attendance score
Analysis: The Rockets have won a ton of games over the last five seasons, and they’ve managed to win 78% of their MAC games. However, the 9.494 APR score is way low, as is the Attendance score, but winning makes up for a lot of that. The five Bad Wins, though, hurt a bit.
Toledo 2019 Team Preview

37. Arizona State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 68.32
2018 Ranking: 29
Biggest Positive: 17 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 50% conference wins
Analysis: The Sun Devils have only won half of their Pac-12 games over the last five seasons, but the 17 wins over teams that finished with winning records, and the decent Attendance and APR scores help. The Bad Loss to Arizona to close out the 2016 season will be on the books for the next few years.
Arizona State 2019 Team Preview

36. UCF

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 68.985
2018 Ranking: 39
Biggest Positive: 36 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 3.5 Bad Loss score
Analysis: One … bad … year. The 0-12 2015 season is keeping the program from pushing its way well into the top 20. The Bad Losses that year to Furman, South Carolina and Tulane drag the score down even further, but even with that, the 36 FBS wins are fantastic. Winning 68% of the conference games – again, even with that winless season – is amazing.
UCF 2019 Team Preview

35. NC State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 69.54
2018 Ranking: 55
Biggest Positive: 35 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 50% conference wins
Analysis: The Wolfpack have quietly moved up the rankings after several solid seasons. The 9.8 APR score is fantastic, and the 35 FBS wins are good, but winning just 50% of the ACC games is a bit of a problem. Even so, with the 3-9 2013 season no longer counting in the formula, State’s ranking shot up.
NC State 2019 Team Preview

34. West Virginia

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 70.97
2018 Ranking: 50
Biggest Positive: 8.5 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 13 Quality Wins
Analysis: The Mountaineers were able to crank up the NFL talent over the last five seasons, and the 35 FBS wins are solid, but there weren’t enough terrific victories. The 13 Quality Wins are among the fewest of anyone in the top 40. Winning 60% of the Big 12 games is good, but it needs to be stronger.
West Virginia 2019 Team Preview

33. Tennessee

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 71.83
2018 Ranking: 31
Biggest Positive: 9.80 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 40% conference wins
Analysis: The massive Attendance score will always be a bit of a backstop, but the overall wins just aren’t there. On the plus side, the Vols aren’t playing a whole slew of cheap games – 17 of the 29 FBS wins came against teams that finished with winning records – but winning just 40% of the SEC games isn’t going to cut it.
Tennessee 2019 Team Preview

32. Virginia Tech

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 72.862
2018 Ranking: 25
Biggest Positive: 7 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 55% conference wins
Analysis: For all of the success, the Hokies have struggled a wee more than you might think in ACC play over the last five seasons. The 6.16 Attendance score is solid, and the players sent to the next level are flowing, but the program needs to start challenging for the conference title again. More ACC wins are a must.
Virginia Tech 2019 Team Preview

31. Texas

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 73.435
2018 Ranking: 40
Biggest Positive: 9.45 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 53% conference wins
Analysis: Years of mediocrity are crushing when it comes to the lack of Big 12 wins, but the massive attendance, great APR of 9.7, and the huge Draft score of 6.5 are enough to overcome a few of the other mediocre numbers. The 14 Quality Wins are the fewest among the top 33 programs.
Texas 2019 Team Preview

30. Northwestern

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 73.598
2018 Ranking: 48
Biggest Positive: 39 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 3.73 Attendance score
Analysis: The amazing 9.944 APR helps to overcome the home Bad Loss to Illinois State in 2016 which drags things down a bit, but winning 67% of the conference games is fantastic for the program, the 39 FBS wins are outstanding, and the ranking keeps on going up with all of the success.
Northwestern 2019 Team Preview

29. Houston

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 73.893
2018 Ranking: 35
Biggest Positive: 41 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 9.456 APR score
Analysis: The Cougars have won a whole lot of games, and the 5.5 Elite Win score is outstanding, but some of the numbers are massive barriers. The 3.27 Attendance score hurts, the APR is awful, and the 2.5 Bad Loss score – Tulsa in 2017 and at home to Tulane in 2014 – all drag down an otherwise nice resumé.
Houston 2019 Team Preview

28. UCLA

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 75.464
2018 Ranking: 16
Biggest Positive: 11 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 44% conference wins
Analysis: The Bruins have been loaded with NFL talent over the last five seasons with a huge Draft score, but it didn’t translate into enough wins with just 31 FBS victories and a 44% winning clip in the Pac-12. It’s a big program with a whole lot of positive parts – there’s no excuse not to be back into the top 20 again.
UCLA 2019 Team Preview

27. Ole Miss

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 76.155
2018 Ranking: 23
Biggest Positive: 10 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 43% conference wins
Analysis: Even after all of the problems and issues, this is still a top 30 program. The Rebels haven’t won enough over the last few years, but they keep on cranking out lots of pro prospects, the 6.03 Attendance score isn’t bad, and the 4.5 Elite Win score is outstanding.
Ole Miss 2019 Team Preview

26. Iowa

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 77.1
2018 Ranking: 32
Biggest Positive: 41 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 15 Quality Wins
Analysis: The Hawkeyes have won a whole lot of games over the last five seasons, but the 15 Quality Wins are low for a program hovering around the top 25, and the Bad Loss score of 3 is awful – losing to North Dakota State in 2016 and Iowa State in 2014. This continues to be a rock-solid program across the board.
Iowa 2019 Team Preview

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