2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130

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2019 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis Rankings No. 1 to 130


75. Southern Miss

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 49.037
2018 Ranking: 86
Biggest Positive: 28 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 4.25 Bad Win score
Analysis: The Golden Eagles made a massive move up over the last three seasons by doing more in conference play. The nine wins over teams that finished with a winning record is a help, the 28 FBS wins was a boost, and the 9.852 APR score is outstanding. Now the team needs more big wins to overcome the awful Bad Loss score.
Southern Miss 2019 Team Preview

74. Cincinnati

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 49.16
2018 Ranking: 81
Biggest Positive: 31 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 50% conference wins
Analysis: The Bearcats haven’t been consistent, but when they’ve been on, they’ve been outstanding. The 31 FBS wins are the most by anyone ranked this low, but there aren’t a slew of big victories with just seven Quality Wins. The 9.7 APR Score isn’t bad, either.
Cincinnati 2019 Team Preview

73. California

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 49.474
2018 Ranking: 79
Biggest Positive: 5.5 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 36% conference wins
Analysis: The Bears haven’t done much in Pac-12 play over the last five seasons, but the overall scores aren’t too bad, the 26 FBS victories are good enough, and the Draft score is among the best of anyone outside of the top 50. Under Justin Wilcox, the needle is pointing up. Get ready for the Bears to be well up into the 60s next year if all goes according to plan.
Cal 2019 Team Preview

72. Arkansas State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 49.663
2018 Ranking: 68
Biggest Positive: 78% conference wins
Biggest Negative: 2.29 Attendance score
Analysis: The Sun Belt powerhouse has won close to 80% of its conference games, and the 35 FBS wins are fantastic, but there are only five Quality wins and the Attendance score is always going to be a drag. The 2.5 Bad Loss score is just enough to keep the Red Wolves out of the 60s.
Arkansas State 2019 Team Preview

71. Troy

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 50.074
2018 Ranking: 74
Biggest Positive: 34 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 1.93 Attendance score
Analysis: The Trojans were fantastic in the Sun Belt under Neal Brown, winning 65% of its conference games and pulling off 34 FBS wins overall. Now he’s gone, and it all has to go on despite the coaching change. There aren’t any Elite wins, but the nine victories over teams that finished with winning records helped provide a wee bit of a jump up overall.
Troy 2019 Team Preview

70. Fresno State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 52.543
2018 Ranking: 66
Biggest Positive: 12 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 9.488 APR score
Analysis: Jeff Tedford turned around the program in a massive way over the last few seasons. The 27 FBS wins are a big plus, but the conference winning percentage has to go up after taking home just 53% over the last five years. The 12 Quality Wins are the biggest overall help to the score.
Fresno State 2019 Team Preview

69. Ohio

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 52.576
2018 Ranking: 69
Biggest Positive: 35 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 1.97 Attendance score
Analysis: Ohio has become among the steadiest and best programs in the MAC under head coach Frank Solich. The 35 FBS wins help overcome the lack of attendance, and the 9.7APR helps the cause, too. Along with the attendance, there are just enough negatives – like the 1.5 Bad Loss score – to drag things down.
Ohio 2019 Team Preview

68. Utah State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 52.797
2018 Ranking: 64
Biggest Positive: 31 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 2.00 Attendance score
Analysis: It’s up to Gary Andersen step in and keep the success going after a huge year from Matt Wells. Over the last five seasons, ten of the 31 wins were against teams that finished with winning records, and winning 58% of the time in Mountain West play is just good enough to stay in the 60s.
Utah State 2019 Team Preview

67. Duke

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 52.816
2018 Ranking: 63
Biggest Positive: 9.928 APR score
Biggest Negative: 2.74 Attendance score
Analysis: The attendance will never be good enough to get Duke a whole lot higher than this without a lot more wins. The APR is always going to be amazing, but winning just 40% of the ACC games is a drag. The Blue Devils make a slew of wins count, with 13 Quality Wins among the 31 FBS wins overall. Coming up with an Elite win or two would make a huge difference.
Duke 2019 Team Preview

66. USF

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 53.311
2018 Ranking: 72
Biggest Positive: 35 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 6 Quality Wins
Analysis: The Bulls get plenty of players drafted, and they’ve won plenty of games over the last five years, but the 3.29 Attendance score isn’t all that great and the six Quality Wins are way, way too low. They’re the fewest by anyone in the top 80.
USF 2019 Team Preview

65. North Carolina

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 53.489
2018 Ranking: 42
Biggest Positive: 7 Draft score
Biggest Negative: 25 FBS wins
Analysis: The Tar Heels were well into the top 30 just a few seasons ago, and now they’re in a freefall following two lousy years. It’s up to Mack Brown to change all of that and make UNC more of a player in the ACC – the program is now under 50% in conference play over the last five seasons.
North Carolina 2019 Team Preview

64. BYU

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 53.731
2018 Ranking: 58
Biggest Positive: 5.66 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 8 Quality Wins
Analysis: The 32 FBS wins aren’t bad, but there aren’t enough big, giant wins over great teams with just eight Quality victories. There aren’t enough drafted parts, the APR is almost always going to be light, and the conference winning score in this is all based on the overall record.
BYU 2019 Team Preview

63. Air Force

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 54.039
2018 Ranking: 70
Biggest Positive: 9.904 APR score
Biggest Negative: 4.5 Bad Win score
Analysis: Air Force will always have a problem when it comes to attendance and the draft, but the 11 Quality Wins help overcome some of the issues. The amazing APR helps the cause, and winning 33 FBS games in five seasons isn’t bad.
Air Force 2019 Team Preview

62. Arizona

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 56.252
2018 Ranking: 51
Biggest Positive: 4.77 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 44% conference wins
Analysis: There isn’t anything great about any of the Arizona numbers, but they’re all just good enough to keep the program in the top 60. The 28 FBS wins are among the lowest of anyone ranked up this high, the 9.5 APR Score isn’t great, and there’s a Bad Loss along the way, but one big season would bring the boost.
Arizona 2019 Team Preview

61. Boston College

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 56.076
2018 Ranking: 59
Biggest Positive: 13 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 35% conference wins
Analysis: The 9.8 APR score is among the elite, the Draft score of 7 is great, and the 13 Quality Wins out of the 26 help make up for a few low other parts of the puzzle. There aren’t a ton of FBS wins, and the Attendance score is an issue, but overall this isn’t bad after being ranked 85th two seasons ago.
Boston College 2019 Team Preview

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60. Northern Illinois

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 57.402
2018 Ranking: 57
Biggest Positive: 75% conference wins
Biggest Negative: 1.20 Attendance score
Analysis: The Huskies have been a force in the MAC – winning 75% of their games – but the lack of butts in the seats will always be an issue and the 11 Quality Wins are a tad low. On the plus side, the 9.7 APR score is solid.
Northern Illinois 2019 Team Preview

59. Kentucky

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 57.639
2018 Ranking: 83
Biggest Positive: 5.68 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 43% conference wins
Analysis: One big season turned into a massive help in the rankings, moving UK up 20 spots. The 29 FBS wins are a bit low, and there aren’t enough SEC wins, but the overall numbers are just good enough to boost up a program that was in the 90s two years ago.
Kentucky 2019 Team Preview

58. Marshall

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 58.237
2018 Ranking: 54
Biggest Positive: 63% conference wins
Biggest Negative: 9 Quality Wins
Analysis: The Thundering Herd have 39 FBS wins over the last five seasons, but the nine wins over teams that finished with a winning record are the fewest by anyone in the top 53. There aren’t any Bad Losses, but along with the great conference winning percentage, there are a slew of Bad  Wins – a 4.25 score.
Marshall 2019 Team Preview

57. Arkansas

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 58.465
2018 Ranking: 52
Biggest Positive: 6.56 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 28% conference wins
Analysis: The Hogs are still hanging well inside the top 60 despite doing next to nothing in SEC play. They’re not coming up with wins – the 23 overall are the fewest by anyone in the top 74 – but the massive Draft score of 10 and the huge Attendance score of 6.56 helps.
Arkansas 2019 Team Preview

56. Kansas State

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 59.753
2018 Ranking: 46
Biggest Positive: 5.18 Attendance score
Biggest Negative: 53% conference wins
Analysis: The Wildcats have hit a bit of a wall. the 32 FBS wins are okay, but there are just ten Quality Wins. They’ve won just over half of their Big 12 games, but there are no Bad losses and the APR score is a not-that-bad 9.79.
Kansas State 2019 Team Preview

55. Louisiana Tech

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 60.07
2018 Ranking: 65
Biggest Positive: 38 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 2.19 Attendance score
Analysis: The Bulldogs have won 70% of their games in conference play over the last five years, and the 38 FBS wins are a huge factor, but they’re weighed down by their okay Attendance score. The Bad Loss score of 3 – with losses at home to WKU last year and to Northwestern State in 2014 – are the difference of around 20 spots.
Louisiana Tech 2019 Team Preview

54. Pitt

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 61.372
2018 Ranking: 47
Biggest Positive: 14 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 2.5 Bad Loss score
Analysis: North Carolina. The Tar Heels won in each of the last two seasons, and those two games handed Pitt its 2.5 Bad Loss score that ruined what would’ve been a decent all-around ranking. The 14 Quality Wins are great, and winning 60% of ACC games is a big plus.
Pitt 2019 Team Preview

53. Western Michigan

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 61.725
2018 Ranking: 60
Biggest Positive: 37 FBS wins
Biggest Negative: 1.86 Attendance score
Analysis: The 1-11 2013 season doesn’t going anymore in the rankings, so here’s the boost. Thanks to the great run under PJ Fleck, the program won a slew of games, has been great in MAC play – winning at a 73% clip – and the one Bad Loss to Purdue in 2014 won’t be on the books next year.
Western Michigan 2019 Team Preview

52. Navy

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 61.742
2018 Ranking: 43
Biggest Positive: 13 Quality Wins
Biggest Negative: 9.64 APR score
Analysis: Navy will always have low Draft and Attendance scores, but the APR should be a tick higher. The 34 FBS wins are good, there aren’t any Bad Losses, and even with a down 2018, the overall ranking isn’t all that bad.
Navy 2019 Team Preview

51. Baylor

Five-Year Program Analysis Score: 62.433
2018 Ranking: 34
Biggest Positive: 9.714 APR score
Biggest Negative: 49% conference wins
Analysis: The ranking is going to keep dropping like a rock with the 11-2 2014 season off the books next year – unless Matt Rhule and company come up with a massive year. The 10 Quality Wins are a bit light, and the Bad Loss to Liberty to kick off the 1-11 2017 season hurts, but it’s a decent overall ranking considering there’s that awful campaign thrown into the mix.
Baylor 2019 Team Preview

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