College Football 2019: 5 (Potentially) Stupid SEC Predictions

College Football 2019: 5 (Potentially) Stupid SEC Predictions


College Football 2019: 5 (Potentially) Stupid SEC Predictions


3. Florida will get to the SEC Championship

Okay, so the call of Arkansas being fun-bad didn’t quite work out last year, and neither did the call of Florida getting to the SEC Championship.

So let’s keep hammering that nail until it goes in.

This time around, it’s not nearly as nutty of a prediction considering Florida is a preseason top ten team. From last season’s piece, when the Gators were coming off a four-win season …

“Kirby Smart’s team has to go to South Carolina, and it has a date at LSU and a home game against Auburn to deal with. If it loses just one of those games, the door should be open.”

But that was with the caveat that Florida would beat the Bulldogs in Jacksonville, and that didn’t happen. Georgia won 36-17, but the door really was open after getting thumped by LSU the week before.

2019 CFN Florida Preview

This time around, an improved and solid Florida will be the one losing at LSU, and it’ll drop one other SEC game – possibly at South Carolina against a desperate Gamecock team with a brutal schedule, or maybe at Missouri, or possibly against Auburn or on the road at Kentucky. However …

Georgia will lose at Auburn, or at home to Texas A&M. It’ll drop that one other game needed so the Gators can get back to the SEC Championship for the third time in five seasons.

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