2019 Week 0 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice

2019 Week 0 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice

College Football Predictions

2019 Week 0 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions, Investment Advice


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The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

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I’m getting this out of the way so we can all move on to bigger and more important things … like Antonio Brown’s helmet.

In a perfect world, this is the weekend we get the FCS thing done. Mandate that all 130 FBS programs get a Week 0 home game against an FCSer – since there aren’t any true preseason games in college football – and then that’s it, with all FBS on FBS action the rest of the way.

But that’s not why you called. You want to know how to invest after a long, painful offseason of things to pass the time until right now.

It’s the annual soft opening of the college football season known as Week 0. Let’s go already.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only, however, just in case you dabble …

Florida vs. Miami

Florida vs. Miami Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

In Week 0 and Week 1, don’t get cute and don’t guess. We don’t have any preseason games to go off of, and whatever happened last year is misleading. So with that in mind, go with what you know. If you’re wrong, it’s Week 0 … it’s a bad break.

So what do we know? Miami is starting a newbie redshirt freshman at quarterback. Jarren Williams, good luck against one of the nation’s best secondaries.

So what do we know? Feleipe Franks isn’t Patrick Mahomes, but he doesn’t throw picks, and he’s not going to get the Gators beat. The one thing that can screw this up for Florida is the Turnover Chain – the Hurricanes can’t get the emotion and swagger going early on.

It’s going to be better for Florida to live to fight another day. If Franks has to take a sack or throw it away on third down, so be it. Don’t force anything, don’t give what should be a pedestrian Hurricane offense anything easy to work with.

Don’t be afraid to win ugly, Florida.

All the pressure in this is on the Gators. They’re ranked, and Miami isn’t. They’re supposed to be good enough to win the SEC East, and Miami isn’t – and isn’t good enough to win the ACC title, either. Miami can play fast, loose, and with an attitude – if it loses, so what? This isn’t supposed to be a College Football Playoff season.

The line is back down to 7?! Not that the half a point matters, but it was Florida -7.5, then down to seven, and then back up, and then back down. Whatever. Florida is winning this by more than a touchdown, anyway.

Go under on the 47. It’s boring, but this is far more likely to be a defensive slugfest than a shootout in any sort of way. If this does go off offensively, it’ll be because Florida pulls away.

Shockingly, it’s going to be 90 degrees on Saturday. In Orlando in late August? The hell you say.

The humidity will be about 193%, and there’s a chance of a thunderstorm.

Oh yes, you will take the under … and sweat it out.

Over/under on the number of times the game stops for cramps: 9.5.

And that’s just for the fans watching on TV who indulged in the Chick-fil-A vs. Popeye’s chicken sandwich debate. (rim shot)

Florida vs. Miami Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

Arizona at Hawaii

Arizona at Hawaii Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

Yeah, I changed the call. The original pick was Arizona by ten and for Hawaii to cover. One of my good friends who’s close to the game is picking the Rainbow Warriors to handle the 11. But …

Again, go with what we know. We know Arizona has Power Five talent, speed and athleticism. Hawaii doesn’t.

Arizona’s defense can stop Hawaii’s offense. Hawaii’s defense can’t stop Arizona’s offense.

Never factor in the previous season … never factor in the previous season …

I can’t get past the Louisiana Tech stomping of the Rainbow Warriors 31-14 in the Hawaii Bowl. Get ready for the Arizona defense to get into the backfield early, often, and angry.

CFN Podcast Week 0/Week 1 Predictions

It’ll be a total and complete stunner if the Wildcat offense doesn’t go off. I demand 250 rushing yards, and I want my yards.

The more I think about it, the more I can talk myself into Arizona hanging 50 on the board. I don’t talk to myself as much as I should.

Here’s the thing on the point total. The correct play is the under on the 74. There will be a whole lot of points and a ton of fun, but there’s a chance the Arizona defense shuts this Hawaii thing down to a dead stop. Remember, as much fun as the Rainbow Warriors were last season, they failed to hit 24 points in six of their last eight games.

You’re a professional … act like it. Out of the last 12 Hawaii games last season, how many went over 74? One. Of course you’re taking the under, because winning is fun. Making money is fun …

You’re not taking the under, because you can’t. It’s Week freaking 0, and you’re going to stay up until 2 am hoping for the under? What if it’s 24-20 after the first quarter – you’re going to miss out on that? What if it’s low scoring early on, are you going to feel secure going to sleep at any point without watching the finish?

Take the over, have fun, and if it doesn’t work out, whatever. You have the rest of the college football season to make up for it.

Arizona at Hawaii Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

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