College Football Win Totals, Predictions For All Power Five Teams: Where's The Value?

College Football Win Totals, Predictions For All Power Five Teams: Where's The Value?

College Football Predictions

College Football Win Totals, Predictions For All Power Five Teams: Where's The Value?


Ole Miss 5 Over +120, Under -140

The Play Is: Over. This is a 5-7 team, so you might as well take the shot at the sixth win and the bonus value. It’s going to be a brutal back half of the slate, though, so there can’t be a loss early at Memphis, or at home against Arkansas and Cal.
2019 Ole Miss Preview

Oregon 8.5 Over -130, Under +110

The Play Is: Over. Even though the Ducks are going to lose the season opener to Auburn … they might not. If they win, the over is no problem. This is a potential ten-win team talent-wise.
2019 Oregon Preview

Oregon State 2.5 Over -160, Under +140

The Play Is: OVER. There’s no value, but the Beavers will beat Cal Poly, they should beat Hawaii, and they’ll pull off at least one Pac-12 win. It’s the worst team in the Pac-12, but it’ll be better than 2018.
2019 Oregon State Preview

Penn State 8.5 Over Even, Under -120

The Play Is: Over. This is a brutal call. Nine wins is asking a whole bunch out of a team with so many question marks, and with at Iowa, Michigan, at Michigan State, at Minnesota, and at Ohio State on the slate. The over value is better, but go light if you like this.
2019 Penn State Preview

Pitt 6

The Play Is: Over. The real prediction is 5-7, but when the rubber meets the road, are you ready to pick UCF over the Panthers? Okay, how about at Duke? At Georgia Tech? Boston College? What if the team that got to the ACC Championship really has a dangerous offensive run again? It’s not a bad enough slate to dive in on five wins.
2019 Pitt Preview

Purdue 7 Over Even, Under -120

The Play Is: Under. 6-6 is about right for a team that has a bit of building to do on both sides of the ball. There are too many nasty road games to think about eight wins.
2019 Purdue Preview

Rutgers 3 Over -120, Under Even

The Play Is: Over. It stinks that there’s no value on the over, but the Scarlet Knights aren’t winning just two games. They’re going to beat UMass and Liberty, and they’ll take beat someone in the Big Ten. Think four wins over two.
2019 Rutgers Preview

South Carolina 5.5 Over -140 Under +120

The Play Is: 
Over. It’s going to be a huge fight to get there, and it’s not a sure thing by any means with a BRUTAL schedule – Alabama, at Georgia, Florida, at Texas A&M, Clemson – but a 5-7 season is pushing it a little too much.
2019 South Carolina Preview

Stanford 7 Over Even, Under -120

The Play Is: Over. The value is better, and the Cardinal should be closer to nine wins than six. Don’t get scared by the brutal schedule to start the season – David Shaw isn’t going 7-5.
2019 Stanford Preview

Syracuse 8 Over +140, Under -160

The Play Is: Over. At +140? Considering it’s hard to find values on the board, take the shot that Dino Babers’ team can do it all over again. Even if the Orange whiff at Maryland and struggle against a Florida State or Louisville, getting to nine wins is more of a fun call. There’s no value going under.
2019 Syracuse Preview

TCU 7.5 Over +110, Under -130

The Play Is: Over. The +110 isn’t a huge help, but if they’re going to give it to you, take it. It’s all about the non-conference road game at Purdue. If you like the Horned Frogs, take the over, and take the value.
2019 TCU Preview

Tennessee 6.5 Over -140, Under +120

The Play Is: Over. Georgia State, BYU, UT Chattanooga, UAB, Vanderbilt. Let’s put it this way; Jeremy Pruitt had better win those five games. Do that, and it takes just two more – maybe South Carolina and split the road games against Kentucky and Missouri? – to get the over.
2019 Tennessee Preview

Texas 9

The Play Is: Under, if you like LSU to win on September 7th. Over, if you like the Longhorns. Nine wins is just about right, but the team should have a better shot of going 8-4 than 10-2.
2019 Texas Preview

Texas A&M 7.5 Over -120, Under Even

The Play Is: Over. It would’ve been nice to get more love on the over value here considering the Aggies play at Clemson, at Georgia, at LSU, and against Alabama. They can lose all four of those games – with they won’t – and still get you your over.
2019 Texas A&M Preview

Texas Tech 6.5 Over +110, Under -130

The Play Is: Under. The value stinks, but this might be a 6-6 team if it can’t win at Arizona early on. At Oklahoma, at Baylor, at West Virginia, at Texas – figure at least three losses out of that group as your base.
2019 Texas Tech Preview


The Play Is: Over. The quarterback situation might be a wee bit shaky now, but until proven otherwise, assume UCF is still just that dangerous. The problem? Stanford, at Pitt, Houston. Win two of those three, and the over on the nine shouldn’t be a concern.
2019 UCF Preview

UCLA 6.5 Over +110, Under -130

The Play Is: Under, buuuuuuuuut, be scared of this. The Bruins might just turn on the offense under Chip Kelly and be this season’s bust-out team, but at Cincinnati, Oklahoma, at Wazzu, at Arizona, at Stanford, at Utah, at USC. That’s a bad place to start.
2019 UCLA Preview

USC 7 Over -140, Under +120

The Play Is: Over. It had better be over, and easily, or there’s a regime change coming. It’ll be work – this is closer to an eight-win team than 6-6 – but the Trojans will get there.
2019 USC Preview

Utah 9 Over -130, Under +110

The Play Is: Under. But only because of the value. Nine wins is right on it, but 10-2 is just too much to ask for – even if the Utes have a great shot at repeating as South champs.
2019 Utah Preview

Vanderbilt 4.5 Over -140, Under +120

The Play Is: Under. The knee-jerk reaction might be to jump all over the over considering the team’s skill players to go along with the great coaching, but good luck finding five wins on this slate. Northern Illinois, UNLV, East Tennessee State have to be locks, and then it’ll take two more to get it done. Had there been better value on the over, that would be the call.
2019 Vanderbilt Preview

Virginia 8 Over +120, Under -140

The Play Is: Over. YEAHHHHHH, This is a nine-win team coming with the right schedule to get there. The Cavaliers have to go to Notre Dame and Miami, and they have to avoid a whiff at home during the ACC dog days, but expect 9-3. 8-4, at worst if the Virginia Tech hex continues.
2019 Virginia Preview

Virginia Tech 8 Over -140, Under +120

The Play Is: Under, but only because there’s value. The Hokies should be able to bounce back and at least win eight games, but they have to go to Miami, Notre Dame, Boston College, Georgia Tech, and – despite always finding a way to win this game – Virginia.
2019 Virginia Tech Preview

Wake Forest 6

The Play Is: Under. Seven wins is going to be a tough gets without a monster upset, and there’s a chance the Demon Deacons lose early to Utah State or North Carolina. It’s a 6-6 team, but there’s a better chance of winning five games than seven.
2019 Wake Forest Preview

Washington 9.5 Over -120, Under Even

The Play Is: Under. The value is better, but almost all of the tough games are at home. Nine is the right call – 10-2 is a bit too much of a reach considering it’s at -120.
2019 Washington Preview

Washington State 8

The Play Is: Ugh … Under, if you have to. Eight wins is right at the mark, and that probably includes a win over Washington to get there. The Cougars have too many landmines to go with the over.
 2019 Washington State Preview

West Virginia 5

The Play Is: Over, but it’s not the slam-dunk you might think. The Mountaineers absolutely aren’t going 4-8, and 6-6 is about right where it should be considering non-conference games against Missouri and NC State are in the equation.
2019 West Virginia Preview

Wisconsin 8 Over -130, Under +110

The Play Is: Over, just because it’s not going under. Even with the quarterback concerns and the rebuilding on the offensive line, the Badgers aren’t going 7-5. 8-4 is about right, and it’ll come down to the date at Minnesota to get to nine.
2019 Wisconsin Preview

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